Monday, April 14, 2008

Mill Harvest

If you don't already know, I am working full time for a food storage/emergency preparedness company called Mill Harvest. To be honest, I don't really even know what my title is. Let me explain, the company is very new and hasn't even technically launched (we're hoping to launch in May, keep your fingers crossed), so I do EVERYTHING from receiving and shipping (as in manual labor) to replying to all emails, customer service, answering phone calls, advertising, as well as all the bookkeeping and accounting. And just in case your wondering, I was not ever trained for any of this, I kind of had to just jump in and figure it out.

Despite all my complaining, it is a good job. There have been times when I have been seconds away from quitting, and then something will happen that makes it worth it to me again. I'm learning to be more assertive and I feel like this job has been and will continue to be great training for whatever I choose to do next.

Another great thing about this job is that Brady is working for the same company! He is the head of the sales department and has been able to focus on school and do this on the side. He just makes calls from home in his free time and he is such a good sales man!! It has been a great blessing to us to be able to have that extra income here and there!

During conference weekend we (Mill Harvest) were invited by Deseret Book to join their Conference Saturday Event! My boss left everything up to me, seeing as how I am in charge of all the advertising, but I didn't know it until he told me right then. I spent the week getting banners made, aprons made, buying the table decorations, as well as figuring out the set up of the table, getting all the order forms and handouts made, and trying to figure out how in the world we would be able to make samples without a kitchen. Luckily, with Brady's help, we got it all done and carted everything off to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building at 8am on Saturday morning. We set it all up and it looked GREAT! We had a prime spot with a window behind us and a really pretty view of the Salt Lake Temple. I was so sad when I realized that we forgot our camera. Luckily I have this cool MAC laptop that has a built in webcam/camera, so as a last resort I broke out the computer and took some pics to document the occasion.

Apparently the computer flips the images, so don't worry, the signs were not backwards!

It was a lot harder to take pictures from a laptop than you'd think!

We were there from 8am to about 4pm! We were definitely ready to go when the time came!

We talked to tons of people who were extremely interested and we received the contact info for about 400 people! It was a fun experience and definitely worth it!


Anonymous said...

You guys did an awesome job! It's great that you were able to work together on it and support each other! Sounds like a successful event! We are excited for our Mill Harvest food!

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with you little Teenie! What a beautiful set-up, and so much work!! Good job to you both! I love your blog! It's so fun to get updated on your lives AND to see pictures!!!!

Love you both,

carolineasay said...

Hurray- Success- Nice Job! You're a smartie girl. I'm excited to learn more about Mill Harvest. Let me know if I can help you spread the word somehow.