Thursday, May 29, 2008

My first fishing trip!

Brady and I had planned on going fishing with some of our great gear on Memorial Day. Wouldn’t ya know, it was raining when we woke up that day. We decided to drive down to Payson Lake anyway and see if maybe by the time we got there the clouds would be gone. We got our sunflower seeds and trail mix, and listened to some good country music the whole way down. The fates decided to smile upon us for a good 2 hour period! We were pretty much going fishing just to relax, so it ended up being perfect! It was so beautiful up there! While waiting for the fish to take the bait, I really enjoyed just sitting and taking in the beautiful scenery.

The Trout were jumping out of the water all over the place too! It was such a fun way to spend quality time with my honey! And a nice way to reflect on what soldiers past and present have done in order to give us the freedom and niceties we enjoy! We are so grateful for what they have done for us!
Brady had gotten a bite and started to reel it in, but being the gentlemen he is, he wanted to let me reel it in (he probably knew I wouldn’t catch anything).

I was nervous and apparently gave the fish a little too much slack and didn’t set the hook, because it wriggled free and got away. Ooops. This stick was the only thing we caught that day…
It was so beautiful up there! We loved it for the couple hours the sun was out! Then we had to pack up quickly because it was starting to rain ☺


Saric said...

It's too bad trout are so smart. Everytime I fish for trout it seems like they swim up to me, take a look and go back to what they were doing. Anyway, it's so pretty up there, looks like a lot of fun.

Allison said...

Hey Taryn!! I'm glad you posted on my blog. I totally added you to my list of fav blogs! This is such a perfect way of keeping in touch. I hope you and Brady are doing well. I'm glad you had a blast fishing. I went for the first time last summer and I couldn't believe what fun I'd been missing out on!!

Anonymous said...

Pretty day (at least for a couple of hours), cute couple, gotta love Utah, perfect time together! Maybe next time the fish will cooperate! The main thing is the fun and quiet time together!

Ben and Megan said...

I love fishing! Looked like fun. Being outside in nature is the best!

Dustin and Whit said...

Cute Pictures! It looks like you guys had SO much fun. We keep talking about doing something like that but keep whimping out! I actually have never been before either so I am proud to see that you went for the first time and enjoyed it!

caroline said...

We miss Utah scenery (and you guys too).what pretty pictures. It's fun to read about the stuff you guys are doing as young marrieds! It'll be fun when you have kids and you get so into their stuff and kind of forget what is was like to just be the 2 of you, and then you'll go, "hey remember all that fun stuff we did together when..." Then you'll start planning stuff for a family!! That's great fun too, but what you're doing now makes that family stuff to come even more fun. If that makes any sense! Basically
happy couple + kids= happy family
long entry sorry!!:)

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Hey Tare!! Cute blog! Looks like you and Brady had fun fishin'. Good idea!! I added your page to mine hope that's okay :)

Love ya!!