Friday, June 20, 2008


We babysat Colson and Griff for Carrie and Brad on Wednesday night and had a great time dancing and singing with the kids! They are sooo cute and so much fun!


Griff was cracking us up all night! In the video below, Colson was singing nonsense words and Griff was just going crazy on the couch by himself! We attempted to get it on video, but we were a little late. You can see a little bit of Griff's dancing to Colsie song, but he gets tired of it pretty quick! But also notice Colson shout out to "Uncle Brady do" in the song.


Leandra said...

ha ha those are the best babies! and are ryan and his wifey having a baby?! We should probably start a babysitters club. We babysit like twice a week. ps I coming to sushi with or without jester... even though you forgot how to sew, and have the sewing machine, and have the knowledge to sew.

cat.janer said...

Good thing the Bradster learned to be a good dad at Buckle so he can watch those babies. Yes! I am in for Culture night too! But I feel like it's really important to take a pic of all of us pointing to the place on a map (or globe) that our food comes from. Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Great job! You are the top babysitters!

Brad and Carrie Willits said...

ha ha ha! those are some cute kids. they're parents are very lucky :)

caroline said...

Our kids don't like any of the babysitters we get, since they've experienced Taryn (and now Brady too!) you guys are so fun. I can't wait to see you as parents (I'm sure you haven't heard that one before right?- no pressure!)