Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TV on DVD: a brief guide

For those of you who don't care about TV shows, you're a better person than me. You will be rewarded by skipping to the bottom to watch a hilarious video clip. For the rest of you, please enjoy a brief guide to some of the best and worst shows that we've seen (this is by all means not all inclusive):

When Brady and I started dating we were hooked on watching TV series on dvd, and I am convinced that this is the BEST way to watch tv because a) no commercials so you don't have to waste a single extra minute of precious time and b) you don't have to wait a week to find out what happens next.

1) The first was Arrested Development, which we highly recommend to those with quick wit and appreciation of originality. Just beware that you might be setting yourself up for disappointment since there are only 3 seasons and you'll be craving more and more. But i think its definitely worth the risk.

2) The second was Prison Break.
I loved seasons 1 & 2 so I continued watching when it came back on air for season 3, but Brady wasn't too impressed with it so he started watching another little tv series called Lost *(this will be important later... stay with me). Prison Break fell VERY short of my expectations. So short that I don't even think it deserves a pic on here. I ditched it and stopped the tv series watching for a second while I checked some things off my list like graduating from college and getting married.

3)The second we got home from our honeymoon we started the next series called Heroes
which we loved (once we got through a few graphic episodes), but then it was ruined by the dang writers strike. I stand by this one though. If the same writers come back, I have high hope for a great 3rd season.

*Here's where it comes together...Brady had been watching and keeping up with Lost this whole time. I caught an episode here and there and was quite intrigued with the predicaments those little guys on the island were getting themselves into, sooo i started watching the seasons from beginning to end. Now I am obsessed with it and we are almost to the dandy of a season finale that everyone else in the world saw last week!

Questions I have:
-What the heck is Claire doing in Jacob's house?
-Why is Jack and Claire's dad alive when he's supposed to be dead? Or is he even alive? (or is anyone really alive for that matter!)
-Why do the Oceanic 6 have to lie about everything later?
-How in the world did John's dad get to the island?
-What is the island really?
-Who is Jacob?
-Who is Benjamin Linus really?
-How do you move an island?
-What about that 4-toed statue (does anyone remember this??? I can't forget about it cause it really creeped me out)?

For those of you who know nothing about Lost, you can still appreciate this:
One of the best things about Lost is that there are so many different accents to imitate after watching it for 3 hrs straight. My favorite is imitating how Claire says Charlie. I love to do it because it makes Brady laugh every time! And I stumbled across this hilarious video clip about Charlie (only its a different Charlie than the one in the show). Enjoy:


Leandra said...

ha ha ha oh my gosh. CHAWlie! and how about Meeesta Echo. Cat and I loved that one! You can make whole conversations without saying any thing but Meeesta echo. And I'm not kidding when I say that I tear up whenever Jack's dad comes on the screen because it is so scary.

The Jeppsen 5 said...

TV freaks!! Just kiddin' :) Speaking of TV...I saw Brady on the news this morning...talking about seatbelts. I was like HEY, I KNOW HIM!!

Lemonaid said...
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Leandra said...

It's almost like we're chatting via blog. and that's great you were on the news. I better see a post about that soon.
ps. I have never been more obsessed with an idea than a cruise. We're totally there. And not the same kind of there that keeps happening with sushi night. This is the real there. I'm serious, you guys are cruise pros.
pps tell us when it should happ!

Dustin and Whit said...

3 things: 1- Dustin has been in total love with Arrested Development since the very beginning and insists that it is the most genius show ever created, and is bitterly dissapointed that it ended at season 3.
2- We are are pretty much obsessed with Lost and have been pulling our hair out over the very same questions you posed on your blog
3- I laughed my head off at that video- at work- very embarassing.

Saric said...

First of all, I'm with you on Prison Break. We could only watch a season and a half...then we quit. We totally love Lost. We bought the 3rd season so we could catch up before this season started. I didn't see the whole video at the bottom, but I heard Eric watching it, and I have to say...How fun would it be to have little British kids so you could hear that all the time?! It'd be harder to get upset with them when their accents were so awesome!

ps Eric says the only person who can answer all of your questions is Dwight Schrute...he knows everything.

Brady and Taryn said...

So true. If only I had his number.