Tuesday, July 28, 2009

just keep breathing

this is a boring update post- no pictures. no time. sorry

in case you wondered, i'm still here. just very busy and unable to post about any of the fun and exciting things that have happened in the past 2 weeks.

brady is entering crunch time for studying for the MCAT. he has been taking a prep course all summer. monday was his last class, and now its completely up to him to stay focused and continue 6 to 8 hour days of studying until he takes the actual test on aug. 25th. he's been so good at going to class and doing all the "extra" work they've suggested, and has improved his score each time he's taken a practice test. i'm already proud of the hard work he has put into getting ready for this HUGE test. he has mapped out a 'course of action' for the next few weeks up until the test and informed me that its my duty to make sure he sticks to it! this will be a fairly large milestone in his life and for our little family when its finally over!

meanwhile, i have enjoyed slowly easing my work schedule and have hired brady's sister, danee, to take over my position. this is my last full time week, and then i will move to 3 days a week for the first two weeks in aug., and then i'm done FOREVER! don't get too excited for me, though. two weeks after that i'll be starting school, which brings me to why this week has been so busy. i've been doing my independent study public speaking course. I started last monday and i had to be done by today to meet the requirement for DH school, so that meant i was writing a speech and presenting it every night for the past two weeks. we also started our pre-natal classes last week! look at this picture on my book:

everytime i look at that chubby little baby face it makes me want to cry. i can't wait to meet my little baby.

last night we watched the birth video during our class. somehow, even with all the anatomy, physiology, and biology classes i've taken, i've never seen a birth video. i've been told by a countless number of people how disgusting it is and how you want to cover your eyes or make sure you haven't eaten lunch just before seeing that. this was not my experience at all. i must be the only person in the world who gets teary eyed while watching a baby be brought into the world, even with all the blood and fluid. maybe its the pregnancy hormones, or maybe i'm weird, but after the first 2 seconds of being a little shocked it honestly wasn't gross to me but seriously so amazing. it only took those few second to realize that this is how a baby is brought into the world! i want to see this! i am constantly amazed by how my body can grow and nourish a baby, and so thankful that i am able to be a woman and experience this unbelievable blessing.

other exciting things that have been happening and will likely show up in a later blog post:
-baby shower
-24th of july fireworks
-32 week visit (now i go to the doc every 2 weeks for the next month)
-brady took a pic of a wasps nest by our car. this doesn't merit a blog post, but you never know
-our re upholstered retro rocking chair


Anonymous said...

You and Brady are one BUSY couple! I'm glad he is able to stay focused in getting ready for the MCAT! It would be wonderful for him to get the score he wants on his very first try! It's also great that it will be behind him when Livy comes and he can just dote on his two girls for a while! And you!! - after all you've been doing, having a baby will be like a vacation! I'm glad you are able to slow work down and hopefully rest up for labor and delivery (in-between orientation and classes starting for DH)! Writing all those speeches must have been crazy - not to mention giving them. I'm excited to see you guys soon. I hope I will be helpful, you guys can just order me around and let me take care of some things so you can rest!

Anonymous said...

PS - I love the picture on the cover of your book! It exudes mother/baby love! I can't wait to meet Olivia - You will be amazing parents filled with love for her and she will feel it instantly! What a special birth-day it will be!
Love, mom

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Wow, busy little bees!! Sounds like there's a lot goin' on at the Hansen house! I can't even believe you're 32 weeks along! I can't wait for you to meet your baby either. You two are going to be such great parents. What a lucky baby :)

Can't wait to see some more posts (when you have time) of the fireworks and the retro chair :)

Steve and Stephanie Anderson said...

Wow Taryn, that's crazy how close you are! Steve has been taking his Kaplan course for the OAT, has been studying literally every spare minute of his day, and takes it Aug. 24....and I never see him :( So I feel you guys' stress!!!! Can't wait until it's over. Can't wait to see your little one!

Saric said...

I hate when I think I commented on a post and then realize I didn't. It doesn't really sound like things will be slowing down for you guys any time soon. Glad you finished your public speaking class...it didn't sound fun! Good luck with all of the studying Brady! We'll cross our fingers for you!!

Carrie said...

i'm really proud of brady's hard work too (like YOU). he impresses me with his diligence. i think he's done really well at making a plan and sticking to it. i'm amazed at how good he is at staying motivated all by himself.

i love that picture on the book. so sweet. that'll be you and little livy in just a couple months!

yea for less work! it'll be so nice to be done with it and get on to dh school. what you REALLY want to be doing.