Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pretty onesies all in a row

Been spending my free time sorting and washing Livy lou's clothes. The nursery was in disarray with the crib jam packed full of clothes, shoes, headbands, toys, etc. and no dresser to put them away. I will have to wait until after Brady takes the MCAT so he can paint the dresser.

The above pic is my effort of storing the clean clothes. So far I've only washed her clothes from newborn to 3 months, so this is less than half of her clothing! Thank goodness for grandmas, moms, and friends who have spoiled her for me :) I don't think I'll wash anymore until the dresser is done.

While washing, I've also been taking inventory of what we have
blankets: 18

burp cloths: 14

bibs: 9

wash cloths: 6

big hooded towels: 3

I think we probably need a few more burp cloths and bibs (in case we have a spit up-er). What do you moms out there think? What do we need more of?


Anonymous said...

Is Livy set or what?!! All those beautiful colors and clothes - she will be gorgeous! I think even your burp clothes and bibs are good for now. Probably what you need are some of the things like baby bath wash, hamper, monitor, diapers, shampoo, little baskets to hold her bath stuff etc, baby bjorn, etc. Always more to buy with a baby on board! Looks like she will be able to fill her room! Washing and folding that first batch of baby clothes feels so special - it really feels like she is coming..and staying!
Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

OH - I thought of more things like mattress pad cover, bouncy seat, swing, changing pad and cover, and I know there's tons more! Livy will now take up more room than you and Brady! (HA!)

taryn said...

We do have a monitor, but all the other stuff you are absolutely right! I am registered for all that stuff, but I was just wanting to check that we had enough burp cloths etc. so I can see what we want to use gift cards for. I guess we should get that other stuff first and wait until she's here to see what we need more of. Thanks for the tips :)

Erin said...

I like using washcloths as burp cloths; they're not as pretty, but much more absorbent. As a newborn she'll only get one bath a week, so don't stress. And we never got a big hooded towel, though I guess they would be nice. Those little flannel receiving blankets are great for swaddling when she's little and make great bath blankets or burp cloths or just useful peekaboo tools! So excited for you babe!

Carrie said...

yeah, i agree with mom. i think you're pretty set on the things you listed.

i always had a million blankets but most of them never even got used. there was always a favorite that got washed and re-used. colsie and griff both still carry their blue baby blankets around with them and sleep with them.

didn't use bibs much. it's nice to have lots of burp cloths because you can go through them fast with all the spit-ups. out of the things you listed, i think that would be the only one you might need more of, but then, like you said, you might just have to wait and see. every baby's different.

how fun that you have all of those cute baby clothes! doesn't it get you so excited for her arrival? i meant to ask you today if you finished the dresser. i can do some painting if brady's too busy. maybe one day if brad's home to watch the kids, i can come paint it for you.

The Jeppsen 5 said...

If it were me, I'd get a few more burp cloths, but that's probably because all 3 of mine have been BIG spitter-uppers. Coopie's been the worst (he's 9 months old, done nursing, and STILL spits up a little). I went through TONS of burp cloths and bibs (sometimes we had to double up on those) and onesies and blankies and things just because of his spittin' up (cause if it gets on his blankie or sheets or anything like that it smells SO sour and gross)!

I agree with your mom about all the other stuff. Babies need so much, huh?

Sounds like you're getting things all ready for her! I love your pictures of the hangers and price tags-cute! Can't wait to see her in those cute outfits!!

PS did you wash her clothes in that Dreft baby laundry soap?? Don't you LOOOVE how it smells??

Kristi said...

I am so glad that you decided to nickname her Livy! I wanted to call her that in another comment I made, but some people aren't too keen on nicknames. Especially when it is given by just some random person like me, haha! Anyway, I would say from my own experience that you need more washcloths. That seems like plenty of burp cloths and bibs, one or 2 more hooded towels might be nice. She definitely doesn't need more clothes, haha! What a blessed little baby! Chandler had reflux so he spit up ALL the time, I found that using washcloths in place of burp cloths was nice because they were smaller and softer. He wore a bib all day long until he was a year old, so for him I did use a lot of bibs. Anyway, that is my advice. Several crib sheets are nice too, especially if her diapers leak, which I have had problems with a lot with Will and had to change sheets every day when he was younger. Okay, this is REALLY long, I'm sorry!

mandy harline said...

I would suggest more washcloths. Are the ones you have the small, baby washers? I would get a couple more packs of those. For the first 4-6 weeks, I just give my girls a washcloth bath. I warm up the bathroom, lay her out on a towel, fill the sink with warm soapy water, wash her body down with one washcloth, cover her body up with a warm, dry towel or blanket, and then wash her head and face with a new washcloth. I do that three times a week - that way, I don't have a smelly baby and it also keeps the cradle cap away. (Plus, don't we all feel better after a bath?!)

Ben and Megan said...

More towels for sure and a few more washcloths. You'll be giving more baths than you realize! Just think about all those diaper explosions :)

Scottie and Angie said...

Tare you are too cute!!! I wish I had some advise to give, but I don't. I just had to say how cute I thought it was that you are getting all prepared. I couldn't be happier for you. Wish Brady luck on the MCAT, I know how stressful that can be!
Love ya

Saric said...

That's quite a load you got there! Its twice what I ever had, so hopefully it will work!