Sunday, October 4, 2009

My mom

Since having a baby, I have come to appreciate my mother so much more. I think of all the sleepless nights she must have had throughout her life, having a newborn 7 times. I think of all the diapers she must have had to change with 7 kids, and all the days spent cleaning spit up off her baby's face, and the millions of hours spent feeding and burping and changing clothes.
Then I multiply that by a million because she has done it again and again everytime any of her children have a baby of their own. She was here with me for 10 days, staying up with the baby, burping, changing, wiping, cleaning. I don't know what I would have done without her.

Why would she offer to come help when she knows what hard work it is?

I think its all the cuddling, calming, blinking, smiling, loving moments you get to have with your baby when you're a mom... or a grandma, and I think of how much I love my sweetest baby, and I think that's how much she loves me. And maybe how much she loves her (my Livy).

And that's why I love my mom a million times more than ever. Thank you for being such a caring mother, and for teaching me how to be a mom.

p.s. Happy Birthday Momma!


Saric said...

She really is an amazing mom! I'm glad she's mine too!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

That's one of the sweetest blessings that comes along with having a baby...the appreciation you feel for your own mom! I felt the same thing when I had Chloe.

You feel such complete and total appreciation and also a little bit of guilt for the bad/dumb stuff you might have done to the woman who loves you and worried about you so much-the love you never completely understood until now.

caroline said...

I couldn't agree more!! I feel blessed to have her as my mother in law! She's the best, which means that you too will be the best momma.

Carrie said...

yes, yes, yes. i remember having those feelings when i had my newborns too. it does bring you closer to your own mom.

and i think it brings an understanding of heavenly father too, and the complete and endless love He has for us.

she IS pretty much the best mom ever and i don't think i'll ever measure up as a mom but i'll keep on trying.

Scottie and Angie said...

THat was a sweet post to your mother!!! Moms really are amazing, and now you are one too! I can tell you are going/are an amazing mommy too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Taryn! That is a very sweet post! I have very tender feelings toward you and livy right now and so, of course, they brought tears of joy! Newborns are a bit of work, but you're right, it's the cuddling, kissing, loving, seeing her change right before my eyes, and so much more that makes me want to be with you, Brady, and Livy right from the beginning! I love the bonding with my sweet newborns! I feel like they will always have a memory of our time together during the first week of their life! Let me just say, you and Brady are amazing! You have worked out a great schedule and work so well together for the joy and comfort of your baby! You are a wonderful and amazing mom! I am thrilled to have been able to watch you grow in confidence and knowledge as you became so comfortable with your new role! Thank you all for letting me share those first days with you! I miss you all and will soak up every picture you put on your blog! I love you all more than words can express!
Love you tons,
PS Thanks to all my daughters and daughter-in-law for their kind words! Families are forever and I am so thankful for that knowledge and truth!

Kristi said...

I have always looked to your mom as the best mother ever (besides my own of course ;)) I have always admired how calm and soft spoken she is and how proud she is of all her children and grandchildren. I love your mom! It is an amazing thing how much your appreciation for your own mom grows 10 fold within seconds of becoming a mom yourself. I'm so glad that your mom could be there with you for 10 days, that is such a sweet blessing. :)