Saturday, October 24, 2009


Oh how I love you! And oh how I love that my darling girl is such a wonderful sleeper. Well as least I feel like she is. Maybe I just expected the worst and since its not as bad as I expected I am pleasantly suprised. Although, I am still exhausted and I admit, some days are better than others, I am so pleased that I am still a normal functioning human being.

She slept for 7 hrs last night! I woke up on my own at 6am and popped out of bed to go check on her because the last time she ate was 12. I was worried until I could see that she was just fine, still breathing and sleeping away. I ended up waking her up a little later because I worried about letting her go more than 7 hrs. It probably won't happen again tonight, but it was awesome to get some sleep :) Its actually not the first time she's done that either. I think she knows how much we like our sleep. She usually sleeps anywhere from 4 to 6 hours during the first stretch, wakes for a feeding, and sleeps for 4 more.

Here's a little video of Liv learning to hold her head up. Don't mind my high whiny voice, I can't help it. I love the days when I get to come home for lunch and enjoy her for a little while. She sure is a sweetheart and such a blessing.

p.s. She actually does have hair. Not very much, but some. It doesn't show up at all for some reason in this video. Anyway, thats all.


Debi said...

love love love this little girl and her wonderful parents too! I can't wait to see her and kiss her again.
Today is your Daddy's birthday little Olivia... we love him so very much! He has blessed our lives and he will bless yours as well.
We love your sweet momma too. She is a wonderful person and you will learn so much good from her!
Have a great day together little Hansens

We love you!!!!! Mom and Dad Hansen

Carrie said...

cute girl and lucky parents. happy birthday brady!!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

What a sweet little video! She's a doll! She's doing a great job holding her little head up! It's a hard job!

Cute family! Cute video-keep 'em coming :)

Saric said...

She's a cute little sleeper! I need to see you guys again.

Anonymous said...

Love Livy's little face and mouth - what a sweet sleeper! She is BEAUTIFUL and continues to look sooooo much bigger in every picture I see! Love the video, too! She is the best!

caroline said...

yay for sleep! what a sweet and good baby girl. can't wait to see her in person!

Kristi said...

What a good little baby! Yay Livi for letting your parents get some rest! She's so cute and just growing away isn't she?