Monday, November 23, 2009

2 month stats

Baby went for her 2 month check up on Friday:

Length: 22 in
Weight: 9lb 13oz
*she's in the 25th percentile for height and weight,
so she's little....big surprise huh ;)

I don't remember her head measurement and I don't have my paper in front of me
(and I'm too lazy to go get it right now)
but she was in the 75th percentile for her head size!
Looks like we got ourself a baby Einstein!

Here's some bonus pics of Olivia in her snow suit
(borrowed from cousin Addie - thanks!)

Can you tell her feet don't reach all the way to end

And another.
Its blurry but I had to post it just because we were rolling when we saw it. So funny!

Other tricks she has up her sleeve:
-sleeps anywhere from 6 to 10 hours at night
-she is great at tummy time and can lift her chest
-smiles and coos when talked to
-tracks objects and people with her eyes
-can hold her head up


Dustin and Whit said...

such a beautiful baby! I hope you are just loving being mom, she is so precious! Don't worry about her being small, Halle is in the 1% for her weight, little runts are the best!

The Jeppsen 5 said...

Aww...what a doll! Of course she's teeny! She's so cute and it sounds like she's doing great! Great job, you guys!

PS I think I see lots of Brady in her in that top picture!!

Saric said...

She's already starting to look older to me! I love her in that snow suit...adorable! I can't wait to see you guys on Saturday!!

Anonymous said...

She is such a stinkin cutie! Miss you babe!

Carrie said...

aww! cute! my boys were both always in the 95% for head size. which was wierd because i never thought their heads looked abnormally big.

she's a cutie. we're excited for this weekend, too!

Gjanden Mitchell said...

Congrats on the new one Brady. We just had our little girl last month and we couldn't be any more happy.

Marsha said...

I can't wait to be on the receiving end of that sweet baby smile! Saturday is coming fast! She is an absolute perfect two month old size! I love that she's still small enough to cuddle and be baby and yet is so alert and more "grown-up"!
See you soon!
Love, mom/grammy

Kris and Megan Wright said...

i am shocked she is so little!!! :) hee hee she is just so precious!!

Kristi said...

My kids have huge heads too! But they also have huge bodies to match, haha. Livy is getting soo big already, it's sad! Stop growing Olivia! She's so darn cute it's not even funny. Thanks for all the pictures.