Sunday, March 28, 2010

Festival of Colors

After 7 years of living in Utah Valley I finally made my way to the Holi Festival of Colors at the Hare Krishna temple.

Loved it.

We got there 20 mins early and were still able to park right at the temple.

Huge crowd.

Beautiful weather.

Crazy people.

This is before the actual 'releasing'/throwing of colors

And this is after:

Avatar anyone?

Here's a video about it. We were to the left of the people that were throwing their colors early. You can tell from our own video below.

Oh and traffic wasn't bad by the way. It was like maybe an extra 10 mins.

(releasing of colors around 1:45)


Carrie said...

i've wanted to do that for years. it looks like so much fun. i'm coming next year. : )

taryn said...

Yes for sure! Thank you so much for babysitting for us so that we could go!

caroline said...

WOW!!!! those colors look amazing on you !!! you guys would make fabulous Avatar characters!

BradyH said...

...and I just wanted to note that the camera we used to make that still works!

Took a little cleaning, but I think its a festivus miracle ;)

Anonymous said...

WOW! Pretty crazy! Do you have to be careful not to breath when the chalk is releasing? And how long did it take to wash yourselves and the clothes?
Maybe just jumping up and down a lot releases a lot of the chalk?!! I'm glad to hear about the camera because that was another question I had! Looks like lots of fun! What a different experience - lots of people!

Scottie and Angie said...

Wow that is so cool!!! i didn't even know they did that! You two are always doing the most fun things together. So creative.

ryan and danielle said...

oooo so awesome! what a neat thing to be a part of!