Monday, April 19, 2010


B's family was in town last weekend!

We had dinner at the park on Sunday...This is the only picture on the camera from that day. Good work B, now we know who the most important members of the family are to you :)

It was so nice to have Debi in town and helping with Olivia while I studied/took my finals and Brady began studying for his 2 big OChem tests. I'm sure we wouldn't have done as well on our tests if she wasn't there to tend.

On Wednesday after I was done, we headed over to another park to enjoy the beautiful weather!

I love this pic of Grandma with her grandbabies. Its so funny to think that Avery and Olivia have about the same age gap as Ryan and Brady! She was probably having a flash back as she was running after these two :)

Friday we all got together one last time before Debi left. We were celebrating Danee going through the temple! We are so happy for her :) Love this fun group of people, and Riley too (he was taking the pic)!

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Scottie and Angie said...

Yay for family in town!!! That was so nice of Brady's Mom to come help!