Sunday, May 16, 2010

8 months

I almost started crying just now when I realized that my tiny baby is 8 months old! She is so much fun these days. I can just sit for hours and watch her discover the world. Every single little face she makes is adorable to me. I decided to make a video of her because I couldn't choose just a few photos, and like I said EVERY face is precious to me {yes even the 'closed eyes' ones}.

A quick list of Livy {or evie as her cousins call her} at 8 months
-still loves to just stare at her hands while moving them and opening and closing her fingers
-can spot microscopic items on the floor and 'scratch' them with her finger
-likes to eat paper
-learning to wave and clap! and dance :)
-officially mobile. crawls all over. to my surprise I love it!
-can pull herself up
-loves to stand {supported} more than sit (but that's not really anything new)
-favorite playpen=bathroom sink
-loves to get into mommy's jewelry {and eat it}
-likes carrots and pretty much anything orange
-tolerates green beans/peas {barely}
-LOVES apples {all of this is mashed food btw}

In honor of all her big milestones {crawling, pulling up, clapping, waving, dancing} I chose the song Big Jumps by Emiliana Torrini

*also, the ipod she's chewing on in the video is already broken, hence us letting her chew on it.

Happy 8 months Evie girl!


Laura O'Hearon said...

best dressed 8 month old baby I've ever seen. She ALWAYS looks so cute, especially in the sink. Thats a clever move, especially if you need to get ready. Hopfully it occupies her for atleast 10 minutes at a time haha. Cute video! What a good mom you arE!

Carrie said...

cute video. she's such a big girl and her cousins love her so much (at least the cousins in this house). i love the pics at the end (at fudruckers). i bet she's so happy to have the family back together again and have daddy home.

Amanda and KC said...

oh that was so fun to watch! you are just the cutest family

danielle said...

what a precious video! can't believe she is getting so big!!

Amanda said...

She is so sweet! I love your tender pictures and thoughts. I feel the same way about my little man. I actually am going through and starting his 2 yr 'scrapbook' (I do it through blurb) and there are so many pictures of the same thing but I just love each of them and can't stand to delete any of them. It's gonna be a big book :)

Scottie and Angie said...

Tare I am so glad you made a slide show so I could see multiple pictures of that cute girl of yours! I am also happy to say she is looking more and more like you! She is so cute and I love what a tender, caring, and adoring mother you are!

Tyler + Zahara said...

Such a cute slideshow! Your family is so adorable! I swear I have left you a similar message confessing how cute i think your family is! ha But oh well!

PS Did you make her amazingly cute headbands!!?

PPS Ty's dad owns a video production company and was filming the commercial and asked if we wanted to be in it ha, so we had an in to fame ;)

Sarah said...

I love how most of the shots are in the sink! Brilliant! She's is getting so big. I feel like I haven't seen her in forever.

Kristi said...

Loved all those pics but especially the last one. What a sweet little family you have Taryn. :) Y'all are the cutest.