Saturday, May 29, 2010

when daddy was away

I haven't been very good about posting chronologically, but here is an old video from when B was in Oregon shadowing some awesome doctors. I'm going to try to get him to post some of his experiences because he told me some good stories.

My lovely mother came to stay with me and Livy loo, and while she was here
we were working on teaching baby girl how to clap and wave.

And a few other shots from that week:

I do wish my hair wasn't so ratty in this pic because I love it when she sits with me like this.

Momma took us out to CPK and Colse kept Livy entertained.
She loves her cousins.

Thank you Momma! We are so grateful for the help you gave us!
Olivia had so much fun with you and she still misses you!
And so do I.


kjirsten said...

Good job, baby O!!! She's quite a "talker" too!! That was so cute!

love you all!

AmyJ said...

Aw! I love it! The pictures are SO cute! I especially love the one with her sitting on your lap with her little tongue out! So fun to have your mom come visit, and I bet so hard when she leaves. :(

AmyJ said...

...oh and I forgot to say I love the video! What a fast little learner!!

mandy harline said...

oh my heavens! the video is so funny and soooooo cute! seriously, we need to get olivia and ava together - they'd be such good buddies. you guys should move to houston for brady to go to baylor and then we can all be friends - we'll be back in the US (houston) by next april. i'll take you shopping at all the good places while our husbands are at school & work :)

Anonymous said...

My pleasure! It was so fun to have some quality grammy/Olivia time! I really miss her squeals and smile! I loved working on waving and clapping, but I needed a little more time teaching her to say "mama"! It was an AWESOME week!
Love you all,

danielle said...

love all the pics! she is too cute! i bet it is so nice to have your momma in town for a short while!

Scottie and Angie said...

That so great your mom was able to come help! Olivia seems to be getting bigger and bigger each day and it's getting hard for me to believe I haven't meant her yet! I need a trip to Utah soon!

Kris and Megan said...

CUTE video!!!! landon ran in to see what the noise was and was quite intrigued by her celebrating after she waved!! love it!