Monday, June 28, 2010


Today marks the halfway point of Dental Hygiene school!
To celebrate we had several treats throughout the day including these popsicles.

We also had 3 mid-terms today that I had a rough time studying for, which is a nice way of saying that I didn't study for them. You try studying during the summer.

Every day I go to school I miss my husband and my heart breaks to leave my sweetest baby. I'm exhausted day in and out from trying to balance being the wife and mother I want to be, being the good straight A student I want to be, magnifying my church calling, and being a good friend, sister, and daughter. I'm worn thin, I'm tired, I'm drained.

Although all of this is true, I am above all else happy with my choices. On several occasions I have told B how I love this career, and that I'm always so pleasantly surprised at how much I end up enjoying clinic days (even if I wasn't looking forward to them at first). I'm so grateful to know that what I'm doing is right for our family. I can honestly say that I have never once regretted my decision.


AmyJ said...

T! I love this post! I think a lot of us can relate to your feelings/struggles with balancing. I think your quote is the perfect pick-me-up. I'm going to have to write that one down. From what I can see, you're doing a great job! Just keep lookin' up, sailor. :)

Dallas - Jaycie - Ashton said...

What an amazing person you are! A toddler is hard enough... but I think that trying to be mommy to an infant through dental hygiene school would be the toughest. You are amazing! You have so much dedication and determination! I also can't believe that your adorable little one will be a year in September... it seems like just yesterday you walked into the first day of school with that cute belly :) Kepp up the great work taryn.... half-way there!

danielle said...

i can't even imagine te stress t! you are doing great though, keep your head up and I am so happy that you love dental hygeine so much, that really is a blessing!

btw, will you guys be joining us at all in evanston for the 4th?

Anonymous said...

WOW - halfway and I bet it feels so good! I know you are so busy, but your sweet little family is wonderful at making this work! Being exhausted and stretched is also hard, but think how good it will feel in just one year!! Hang in there - it will for sure all be worth it! In just a little over a year you'll be writing about your first hygienist job! YAY!
Love you,

Kristi said...

Finding balance is something I've found to be truly difficult in this life. I sometimes get really overwhelmed at how I cannot seem to figure it all out. I can totally relate with how you feel minus the attending school part. I live an exhausted life. Thank goodness for the gospel, right?!?