Thursday, June 17, 2010

Another swimming story

Livy just sitting, relaxing in the shade, and chewing on her bink. She lives a good life.

She was so excited when she saw the water!

We decided to let ourselves bask for awhile in the sun and take advantage of her happy disposition, all the while she just watched and I'm sure wondered when she would get to be in that water.

But she was happy just playing with her straw.

Standing on her own. She keeps doing this now... it makes me a little sad because I really don't want her to walk. I'm hoping she still has several months of standing and crawling left in her.

And then she fell and hit her little head. Sad sad baby. So I decided it was time to get in the water.

And all was right in her world again!


Anonymous said...

these are such sweet pictures...we just finished our scriptures and prayers and Dad said, "Now, I have a surprise for you!"
We love our sweet girl and her wonderful parents.
Hope Brady had a great Father's day. We are so very grateful for you Tare in his life and little Miss Liv.
Love, Mom and Dad and Hayleeeeeee

Anonymous said...

How can she be standing by herself already? She is so big and strong!!! Don't let her walk before I see her again! I want her to still want me to carry her places!
I'm glad she loves the water again and that "jumping in" cured her hurt from falling (HA)! I love the first picture,too - just chillin!
love, grammy