Thursday, July 1, 2010


We went out to dinner (monday night) together to celebrate Howard's birthday!

Liv had some serious stranger danger going on that night.
Funny thing is, they are not strangers.

I don't really like it when she cries if anyone else holds her, but then again, secretly I do.
Well at least a little part of me does.
It makes me feel loved and needed when she stops crying only when I hold her.
Is that bad?

Dan brought a delicious homemade fruit pizza with her handy dandy (what would you call it?) portable pie tote. Hers is from G'ma Hansen. I was eyeing it and thinking how I would love to figure out how to make one. Lets be honest- that will probably never happen, but it was a nice idea.

The fruit in the middle was cut to say '26'.
How clever!

Is that not the most delicious baby you've ever seen? She ate a jar of baby food (and miraculously stayed clean), and chewed on broccoli. Good girl!

And here is the birthday boy himself! Somehow the only pic we snapped of the man of the hour is blurry. Our apologies.
Happy Birthday Howard!


Anonymous said...

YAY for Howard! It's so fun to have family there to celebrate with! I know what you mean about you want Liv to go to people and show how cute she is, but you also love it when you are the only one she wants and the only one who can sooth her! Baby O truly loves her mommy and daddy! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

forgot to say that I LOVE her broccoli picture! Her eyes are beautiful and her hair is looking so much blonder (the sun?)! She is just plain adorable! Way to eat your veggies, Liv!

the hansen's said...

We had so much fun having you guys over to our house this week :] So good to see little Miss Olivia.. Man she is growing up so fast.

Laura O'Hearon said...

Hahah your comment about the pie carrying thing (I wouldn't know what to call it either) was hilarious. "It was a nice thought"

If I ever see one somewhere, for some reason, I will buy it for you. Deal? deal.

I want to hang out soon! Lets make a date!