Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Come get away from the world

{On Monday 7.19.10}

The three of us sat outside in the shade and enjoyed the peace of being near the temple.

We picked up some limeade and fish and chips from Ripple's (after paying a quick visit to G'ma and G'pa Dunford's old house), laid out a blanket, and had our own FHE. I bet you can guess which song we sang.

I love the temple. I love how clean and pure it is. I love how peaceful I feel even just being near such a sacred house of God.

I receive so much comfort in knowing that our family will be together forever.
They bring me so much joy.


Leandra said...

I see her jellies came! so cute.

And WAIT what is this Ripples? How have I never heard of it... in Provo? I love fish and chips. AND Limeade.

Anonymous said...

Love this, Tare - I feel the same about the temple! I love the peace and stepping out of the world.
On another note, love the jellies!

Carrie said...

i love going to the temple with my family, too. we've gone a few times to the timp temple just to walk around and it's so peaceful and happy and easy to reflect on life.

livy looks so cute in these pictures!

Laura O'Hearon said...

I admit, sometimes on bad days in Utah I think how cute and happy you three are and of all the fun adventures you have.. and I just hope the same for myself. Maybe Ogden is the problem ..and not Utah!

caroline said...

what a great and relaxing fhe! I love Liv's jellies, Lily has some in blue that she got as a gift last year...if only I would remember to put shoes on the girl!

danielle said...

love the pics!! and i love her jellies! those big blue eyes melt my heart!

Miranda said...

Your family is just precious! I'm so glad I found your blog, and you are doing so well. Olivia is absolutely beautiful! :) Not that I had any doubt that she would be!