Monday, August 16, 2010

11 months

  • When her toes get tickled, she pulls them away while laughing, and then sticks them out for me to tickle them again.
  • She loves to have me chase her.
  • Her hair is now long enough to have the tiniest pigtails you've ever seen.

  • She bounces around on the couch and likes to fling herself down onto the cushions.
  • She flirts with people by crinkling her nose and smiling at them.
  • Crinkles her nose and breathes in and out in and out.
  • Sooo good at going to bed at night. No tears at all anymore. It the sweetest thing to sing a song and then lay her down in her crib and just have her look up at you. I always stroke her hair and say night night.
  • I 'brush' her teeth before bed every night (justto get in the habit) and she'll open her mouth and lean forward. If you look close you can see the little tooth in the photo below. And her crinkled nose smile.

  • Speaking of teeth, she's starting to sprout another one.
  • She's very busy all the time and its starting to be difficult for her to sit still to eat.
  • She is now getting into everything and is just so curious. This basically means she is now a mess maker and I need to watch her a little more closely. I was really beginning to enjoy being able to clean while she played quietly, but these days, if she's quiet it usually means she's up to something. Below is when she painted my Burt's Beeswax cuticle cream onto the couch. We are so thankful we made the choice to get leather couches long ago. We have to wipe them down almost every night.
  • She's officially a walker. She walks more than crawls (unless she's trying to get away from me because she knows she can crawl faster than walk). She's so small and its pretty cute to see her toddling around.
  • It takes every ounce of control for me not to eat her chubby cheeks and squeeze her to pieces. I can't. get. enough.


mandy harline said...

oh, my goodness! I LOVE the little piggie tails!!!!! my girls call them kitty cat ears :) olivia is adorable! you guys are doing wonderfully with that little angel!

Anonymous said...

Baby O is growing so fast! I love her cute piggies, her tooth, her wrinkled nose and her messy face! Such a doll! She is accomplishing so much already!

Carrie said...

cute girl! i can't believe she's walking. it was so fun to see her the other day. she's so old all of the sudden!

ps we're excited for park city! i think we should prob both take our cars because brad will need to drive back and forth, so instead of riding together, you can meet at our house and we can just follow eachother over, if you want?

Sarah said...

Those are the teeniest little piggies! So cute! She's getting soo big!

danielle said...

holy moly! almost a year!!! tare, she is precious as always can't believe she is getting so big.....and I feel like I say that all the time, I can only imagine what you are thinking! hah.