Wednesday, September 22, 2010


-Tennessee Williams

Back in July (or maybe it was August) I was graced by the presence of these lovely ladies! These are my amazing friends from my freshman year of college. I truly feel blessed to have met such great people and to be able to call them friends still, after so many years. I don't know that I've become as close to anyone as I was to them {except Brady, obviously. I had to put this disclaimer in here because he was a little offended when he read this, lol. I just thought it was a given that you become closer to your husband than anyone else ever...but here it is spelt out for ya B :) Thanks for always keepin me on my toes}. I guess because its the kind of close that you can only become when you're living together, away from home for the first time of your life, and fresh out of high school = starting to realize that you don't know everything like you thought you did. I didn't quite realize how hard it would be to leave all my friends and family and move to Provo... in fact I wasn't even nervous at the time. It wasn't until my parents had left and I was alone that I felt like I had no one. And then, one by one, I met my girls.

Deanna, Liz, Jenny {madelyn}, Amanda {jack}, Me {the little miss},
(sadly we're missing Angie, Erin, Natalie, and Meg)
Deanna and Jenny were visiting from out of state, Liz came down from Tremonton, and we all met at Mandy's adorable home in Alpine. It's so fun to grow up, but sometimes I miss those old times- playing nightly dress up in the common room, girls conferences, staying up all night talking, and paying for our poor decisions the next day by being dead tired and having to skip class. Those were the carefree days girls, haha. Now we're real adults :)


Natalie Bergin said...

I love you and I miss everyone. It looks like it was so much fun!

Deanna said...

haha I loved having to skip class...maybe that's why it took me 5 years to graduate:) Love you all and miss you!!!!

Scottie and Angie said...

Man alive I love this post!!! It serisouly made me tear up. I feel the exact same way and feel so blessed everyday to you have you all in my life too:) We are forever friends and roomies!