Friday, October 1, 2010

{recapturing beauty}

Directly after clinic on Thursday I went out to eat with my friends from school. We were all drained from the day (actually week) and had a great time venting and laughing. I laughed so hard I basically cried. Its been a long time since that happened. Then we headed over to BYU for a devotional given by none other than the AMAZING Stephanie Nielson. I have followed her story since the accident. Read the blog posts of her recovery and trials, and she has always inspired me to take joy in the simple things. I was really happy to hear her speak in person, and learn more details about this amazing women.

Its so good to see how one person can inspire so many! One person who hid from the world for awhile, and was hurt, sad, and mourning was able to come out of such a terrible accident and difficult recovery (a recovery that is ongoing for the rest of her life) to inspire others and share what she has learned. I admire her courage and am thankful that she shares her story. I feel so uplifted and so ready for general conference. My heart and mind are open to hear the words from our latter day apostles.

The devotional by Stephanie is part of the "Recapturing Beauty" series by the BYU Women's Services. Go here for more details.


Debi said...

Oh how wonderful that you got to hear her. I bet that really lifted your spirits!
She has an amazing story. Hope you are both remembering how amazing you are in the busyness of life.
Hey I know the beautiful redhead in that picture...her parents are in our ward. She had her baby early but he is out of NICU now. Small world.
Love ya! Mom Hansen

Doug and Bethany said...

Oh I'm so jealous you got to go! I saw on her blog that she was speaking and wished I could go. Glad you had a good time!