Saturday, October 16, 2010

taking it in

These past few days the weather has been just perfect. Cool, but warm enough for me to sit in the sun, and soak it up.

This past week, I started taking Olivia outside for an hour everyday, partly because I know she loves it and partly because I know I love it when she can run around- soo entertained with little effort from me. Its been awesome. She is so freaking cute and smart too. Today I was unbelievably tired, and I really enjoyed just standing in the sun and letting it heat me up, from the outside in. Sunshine is so wonderful. The heat was just perfect for my sleepy mood, and I was thinking of how I needed to soak up this sunshine warmth before it gets cold. As I watched her scratch and pick at the grass growing between the cracks in the sidewalk, I also felt like I needed to soak up this cute little girl who used to be my baby. She's so big to me now.

I thought this was the greatest idea I've ever had (to let her run around outside for an hour before bed). However, now, about five seconds after she wakes up, she is ready to go outside. Maybe I should tell you that she normally wakes up at 6:50 or so, but lately its been 6, or 5:50 to be exact (so weird). I was in my underwear and not ready to go outside this morning at 5:50 am, but that didn't stop her from standing at the door and knocking, then screaming, then both. Its a wonder why our neighbors don't hate us.

Anywho, here are way too many videos of our adventures outside (all taken from my iphone hence the odd shape):

Do you love her outfit? B's creation- I love it :)


Anonymous said...

oh oh...she loves the great outdoors like Grandma Debi! Well that is a good thing except perhaps at 5:50am!!!
These video clips are so darn cute. Please keep posting them. They help our hearts a bit. We hate being so far away.
What a lovely litte Liv we have :)
Love, Grandma, Debi

Willi Nixon said...

her outfit is precious!! i love the video of her trying to get into the car haha. cutie pie

Laura Beth said...

Cutest kid on the face of the US. (I would say world but my own neices might be a bit offended) Seriously, wish we were sisters so Olivia could be another one of my cute neices. I just adore her

Anonymous said...

This is an adorable LITTLE GIRL (not so much a baby)! I love "seeing" her change! I love her "OH" and her :driving and walking" the car, putting the key in car door, swinging! I love her flippy hair and her really cute and pretty face! Thanks for sharing, we can't get enough!

Sarah said...

We make sure to get outside everyday too! You have to while the weather is cooperating. We miss that little girlie (and you guys too)!

Dallas - Jaycie - Ashton said...

You might just have the most adorable little girl in the whole wide world! And what a special mommy she has :) Taryn you are awesome! Thanks so much for your words of encouragement the other day, Im glad I have someone who understands how I feel too! SOmeday this will all be over and we will be able to look back and smile :)

ps you better be bringing that sweet little thing to the pumpkin carving activity this week, I am dying to see her in real life :)

Amanda said...

Can she teach my little girl to be even half as cute?!