Sunday, November 28, 2010

{giving thanks}

I didn't take any pictures on Thanksgiving, but we had a wonderful time!

B's Aunt was so kind to open her home to not just the 3 of us, but also my sister and brother! She made the yummiest Thanksgiving feast. It makes me laugh every time she says "it will just be laid back" or "no frills today" and then I see the most delicious gourmet dishes in front of me. We has such a good time eating, talking, laughing, and playing with her family! Liv had the best time playing with Joonie (their dachshund), and of course seeing her second cousins and Auntie Kath! We just LOVE that family!

Kathleen's generosity and kindness reminded me of my parents, who are also very generous and kind and basically willing to help anyone out anyway they can....even if it means letting them live in our house until they can get on their feet. I'm so grateful that there are people like that in this world, and even more grateful that I'm related to them!


Carrie said...

brady's aunt and her family are so sweet. i had so much fun there and the food was divine. i thought it was funny when she said it was 'no frills', too. i mean, sweet potatoes served in orange halves? and those green onions with the cream cheese? ugh, and that DELISH jello? i mean hello? my mouth's watering just thinking about it. i felt so full when i was there but then i was craving more by the time i got home. EVERYTHING was so good.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful to "Aunt Kathleen" too!! She fed my sweet family and it was so nice for me to know you guys and Carrie and Jeff had somewhere special to go and were well fed and had so much fun! Thank you, Kathleen! When Taryn called and said they were all invited to Kathleens I felt so relieved and pleased to know all my Utah kids were going to have a "Happy Thanksgiving" and not be alone!