Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We traveled home through a huge snow storm on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll copy and paste my facebook status becuase it pretty much sums up the trip:
"It took us 4 hours to get 2 hours out of town, we were forced to pull off the road and stay the night at a motel, our new car was backed into, we woke to a foot of snow blocking our door, our car doors were frozen shut, and by the time we made it to Utah, there was a giant snow storm goin' on. Thank goodness Liv wasn't with us and that me and B have so much fun together. Life is good, and we are safe!"

Don't feel too bad for us, we actually did enjoy ourselves. Liv was still with G'ma and G'pa Hansen, so we felt more like it was a private/date/adventure.

We de-junked the entire apartment while little Liv was away and while I was still on Christmas vacation. It was amazing to throw that much stuff away (some straight to the dumpster, some to DI, and some given away). Also so weird to me that after getting rid of TONS of crap, we still have so much crap. I feel like we'll be having another de-junking very soon.

We're building an apothecary TV console. Well, the plan was to have it finished before Olivia got home and before school started again, buuuut let's just say the work bench that we bought took a little longer to put together than anticipated- so here we are 1 week into school and not a darn thing done with the large amounts of wood that were purchased. Okay, I lied. We've marked where we need to cut.

With that said, you won't be surprised to hear that we spent most of New Year's Eve de-junking and building the work bench. At 11:15 we headed over to Danee and Howard's to ring in the new year! We're not complete party poopers. We toasted with Martinelli's and shot off some fireworks while admiring some of the neighbors fireworks. Good company, freezing temperatures, things exploding, and good hot chocolate. That's what I call a good New Year's party!

The madness has begun. I've started my last semester of Dental Hygiene school. I know this will be the hardest and most stressful semester of all, and that's saying something (bad) because last semester was a doosey.  Its not the schoolwork that will get me (although, why the h-town would you give students MORE group projects and busy work in their LAST semester when they should be focusing on more important things like BOARDS?), its simply the large amounts of stress and anxiety of National boards exams coming so fast and figuring out how and when to study, as well as the stress of clinic and we all know how great clinic was for me last semester, so I can only imagine what fun surprises my patients have in store for me. Somehow its worked out every other semester, so here's to faith and prayers seeing me through to the end!

Writing is therapeutic. I do love having a record and writing my thoughts and feelings down, and of course I will want to have some recollection of what went on during this crazy stressful time {*especially because Liv is getting so BIG! see below} and , so I've decided to at least write. I don't care if its boring for others to read, or if I don't have pictures to go with each post, or if I'm not fun and creative. Something's gotta give. One day I'll be able to actually spend the time figuring out how to make my blog look pretty, and how to change my header, and how to be creative again. Hopefully I'll still have a few followers when that time rolls around!

*That girl is crazy! Not in a bad way, but in a totally awesome way. She's never been real chill so this is not a huge surprise, but I freaking love her to pieces. She spins and dances and kisses and cuddles and jumps (well tries to jump which is hilarious because she thinks she's doing it) and sings and doesn't stop talking (babbling). Her laugh is contagious which is so good because she laughs all the time and who doesn't need more laughter in their life? She runs into things (not on purpose) and falls on her back (sometimes on her face) and thinks its the funniest thing ever. She loves to be surprised. When I come home from school Brady will open the door and I stand in the entryway and she just RUNS to see who it is, and when she sees me she smiles so big and shrugs her shoulders (she has the BEST shoulder shrug). My heart melts every time.  She loves to push grocery carts (she would rather be out of the cart pushing it than in the seat) and push the buttons on the microwave. She will almost always stop crying if I start singing. She copies us a lot, which keeps us in line :) I taught her the 'I love you' sign last night, so funny when she tries to get her tiny hand in that position. When I rock and sing to her at night, she lays her head on my shoulder and then pops her head up to give me a kiss and lays it back down and then does it again. She is the best thing for me {along the greatest husband ever}.


Laura Beth said...

I think your writing is brilliant. I can live without pictures but I do love those too :)

Good luck with this semester. I'm feeling the same woes you are!

Anonymous said...

Oh this is all wonderful and I am grateful to read about your life. I thought when B said that you were turning your living room into an apothecary that you were filling it full of drugs for all your colds ;)

New Year's Eve sounded so fun! Glad you were able to get more things done and then celebrate with Danee and Howard. Aren't they fun!

Good luck with this last semester Taryn!!! You can do it!!! Sounds crazy but it will make a good story for later.

I love to rock her! We miss her little sunshine around our home. She is our sweetheart! Completely stole our hearts, Thanks for sharing. Perhaps one day you all will turn around and you will see Avery and Olivia catching the bus to Oregon.

Love you three!!!

Oregon hillbillies send their love :)

caroline said...

I remember that last semester and feeling the same way you do now with table clinic (not sure what you're calling it these days:), clinic requirements, studying for boards, and having to find your patient for wreb, while having to juggle family heart rate just went up typing that!! We are so impressed with how well you have made it so far, no doubt that everything will fall right into place and work out just as it should! We will keep you in our prayers- though we know you'll do awesome! Love ya!
PS- I loved reading about Liv too- what fun little girly to come home to!

Anonymous said...

You can do it!! What an exciting/stressfull/amazing few months lie ahead! It will be difficult, but I can picture the end results and they are AMAZING! You'll look great receiving your diploma!
What a trip! You had such an adventure! So glad you made it home safely and had a great ring in og the new year! Let the business begin because if anyone can accomplish/juggle/prevail you two can (three) can!
Loved the paragraph about Livy! She is getting so big! I need some Liv time really soon!
Love you all!

Miranda said...

I'm glad you're not giving up on blogging. I really do look forward to reading about your journey and hearing about your sweet little one. You are such a good mommy. Olivia is one lucky little girl!

Kendra said...

I'll still follow you. :) and Olivia just sounds so darling. I love all the little things that just mean so much. :D