Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sometimes I feel like I'm going to fail my Boards and other times I feel not stressed about it one bit. I have 0 (ZERO) patients lined up starting on Tuesday. I'm not even stressing about my boards patient, just patients in general to fill my chair. That's about it on the school front.

I had such a fun time with Olivia this weekend. She is waking up at 7:40 now, which is like heaven after having spent the last year and half waking up anywhere from 5:00 to 6:00 with her.

So yesterday I actually woke up on my own. That is the first time EVER that I've done that. I basically use her as my alarm clock, but not yesterday. Then she woke up in a very pleasant mood. I made her a strawberry yogurt/banana/milk/spinach smoothie. At first she wouldn't drink it because it was green, so I hid it in her pink sippy cup and she gobbled it right down. (on days when I'm too tired to think, I stick her in her highchair with a handful of cinnamon toast crunch or marshmallow mateys {of which she will only eat the marshmallows}). I felt so good, I cleaned while she watched "The cat in the hat", and had the first round of vacuuming done before 9!

We got to have some cute little friends come over at 10 (we're doing a babysitting trade-off that has been such a help to us). I think Olivia is more well-behaved when she gets to have friends over. Mommy and Daddy are fun, but not quite the same as someone closer to her own age :)

We took a walk (pretty scary when in the first 3 seconds child # 1 falls, child # 2 runs left, and child # 3 runs right). We held hands making a chain and had a really nice nature walk. By the time we got back inside it was livy's nap time, and our little friends left soon after that. Then I did round 2 of vacuuming.

Olivia woke up from her nap in a good mood but she was sad that her friends were gone. She has learned how to play by herself, but still likes us to play with her sometimes. It has made doing housework so much easier when I don't have to have her on my hip. What a treat to have a clean house! Even though we have to vacuume at least 2 times a day.

After making and eating dinner, we watched "My dog skip" and played some more. When Will first gets the little puppy in the movie, Olivia went crazy pointing. jumping, and yelling "ruff ruff"! Then she threw her head back and puckered up. I told her to just blow kisses to the doggie. She hit my hand away and continued to pucker and bounce/jump desperately. I gave in and lifted her to the tv to give the doggie a kiss.

Next it was bath time! Olivia has had a love hate relationship with bath time. Currently it is LOVE, and she splashed the night away. I love seeing her have so much fun! Afterwards, I put her yummy lotion on (she calls it rub rub) and her footie pajamas, and off to bed she went. No tears at "night night" time. Just kisses and cuddles.

I noticed her tiny handprint on the TV, but I couldn't bring myself to wash it off. Its just so sweet. When Brady got home he noticed it immediately and I told him the story. He didn't wash it off either :)


Laura Beth said...

I am going to try my smoothie like that this morning. I always seem to fail at making them turn green!!

Kendra said...

That sounds like a great day. Especially the not waking up until 7:40! Awesome. :) I love the little handprint too. So sweet.

Leandra said...

wait- you vacuum 2 times a day? VERY impressive! Olivia is really cute. I love the part about her little handprint.

Kristi said...

I like this sweet recap of your day. I vacuum a lot too, it makes me feel less stressed when I have clean floors. I'm going to try that smoothie thing. Mmmm.