Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Last week we took Liv to the Provo Beach Resort, mainly to try out the carousel. Who didn't love carousel's as a kid?

She can recognize all the letters in the alphabet now, but is "O" is decidedly her favorite.

She was very excited to ride the horsey...before it actually started.
 I took the ladylike approach and rode side saddle. I was talking to her and telling her how much fun this was but she stared straight forward and never cracked another smile.

 Me starting to get concerned with how concerned she was, haha!
She kept that "unsure" face the entire ride, and when it was over she looked at me and stuck her bottom lip out...tears started welling up in her eyes, and I immediately aborted "operation carousel" as I scooped her in my arms and practically ran off the ride. I did manage to keep her from actually crying though!
I guess not everyone likes carousels.

She loved all the lights and games, and would have been happy to just walk around the arcade pushing buttons, going up and down stairs, pointing at things, and thinking she was actually playing the games.

We decided to play a quick game of duckpin bowling so B could show us what's up. 

She had fun trying to kick the ball, and then seeing how far she could run onto the lane before we caught her or said, "Liv, that's a no no"

B and I have a photo here so I though it appropriate for her to have one too :)

There was almost no one there when we went, which was kind of awesome. On the other hand, I hope it doesn't get shut down because no one goes. They have virtual golfing, mini croquet, duckpin bowling, regular bowling, two play gyms for kids, a ropes course, laser tag, karaoke, a carousel, FloRider indoor surfing, an arcade, food, and probably more.


Anonymous said... these pictures!!! Her little face on the carousel was priceless. So glad you have fun as a cute little family.
Oh, I hope more people will take advantage of this fun place in the Riverwoods!
Tell Olivia that I am partial to "O" as well ;)

Love, Gma Debi

Laura Beth said...

You guys are adorable! I love all your clothes Taryn annnnd Olivia keeps getting more and more beautiful! I love the letter O too :)

AmyJ said...

Such cute pictures, you guys!! That place looks so fun. We'll have to try it if we're ever down that way.

Tyler + Zahara said...

Fun! I want to go there. You look gorgeous!

kjirsten said...

I love her face on the carosel too!! She was being so brave! (I thought your face was cute too -- concern for your tiny girl!) Looks like lots of fun . . . so good to get to have family time together! Love you!

caroline said...

ha ha! I recognize that look on the carousel- Lily and Olivia must be cousins!:) it looks like a fun family outing! What a fun place, I hope they don't close it down too!

danielle said...

olivia is just too cute!! I think it is crazy that she is already old enough to be learning the alphabet and such....growing tooooo fast!