Monday, June 27, 2011

Dale and Deanna

Our good friends Dale and Deanna were married on Saturday in the Provo Temple! Deanna was one of my college roommates and Dale was one of Brady's college roommates, so it was so much fun to celebrate their marriage. They looked handsome and beautiful and very happy! We feel like part of their story is similar to ours in that they were friends for quite awhile before ever dating. We are so happy for them!
Erin, Deanna, Amanda, me, Anne
Erin was visiting from Arizona so it was wonderful to see her and to have several of our college gang together again.
Preparing for the bouquet toss, and making sure the little girls know that only one person is going to get the bouquet.

For your reference as to what great friends Dale and Brady are. Tragically, this photo is a little out of focus.


Best of Luck Dale and Deanna! We are so happy for you!


Leandra said...

Hey I remember Dale! Cool, congrats to them. I guess you're apts just loved each other, that's all :)

BradyH said...

haha...its true:)

Megan said...

I'm so glad you posted about this, I've been thinking about them all week, so it's great to see pictures and I'm glad you all were there for it!