Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Taryn Hansen, RDH

I've waited a long time to have those letters after my name.
4 years after graduating from BYU
21 months after having a baby
21 months after starting DH school
2 months after graduating
1 month and 2 days after WREB
and 3 weeks after finding out I had passed ALL the necessary exams
I have my license:

It felt kind of good filling out the application for my license because there were so many requirements and I had accomplished them all! I guess because I not only waited a long time, I worked really hard to earn those letters after my name.

Anesthesia (written): check
Anesthesia (clinical): check
National written Boards: check
WREB (clinical): check
WREB Process of care (written): check
2 years of Dental Hygiene schooling: check
CPR certified: check

Now if only I could shake this pesky flu and be on my way to finding a JOB. I hear its slim pickin's so maybe add this to the reasons I will be kind of excited to leave Utah.


Marsha said...

CONGRATS!! I love seeing those letters after your name, too! You did work long and hard to accomplish this goal and you did it as one of the top of the class! We are so proud of you!! Good luck on the job hunt - at a minimum, I am sure there is an amazing job waiting for you here!
Love you!

danielle said...

lots of hard work! yay for you and getting that BIG title, so awesome! and good luck on the job hunt, I bet you will get snatched up in a jiffy!

Anonymous said...

whoooopp whooooppp whooooppp deeeee you!!

So very proud of you Taryn. Seriously there are some

openings here in Bend OR.

Come on up :)

Love, Us!!!

Willi Nixon said...

YES! This is so great :) feel better

Scottie and Angie said...

Tare Congrats!!!!!! I seriously have chills for you right now that is so exciting. You did it!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you and all your hard work. Love you.
ps. feeling better yet?

whitney said...

YAY!! you have worked so hard! congrats!