Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another {amazing} rooftop concert

On Friday night we met up with our friends Russ and Misty for the Freedom Festival on Center Street. We got some patriotic burgers and fries from Marley's and of course I needed some funnel cake. Then we headed over to the rooftop concert with Cheri Call, Sarah Sample, and the Abbey Road Show!

There were tons of giveaways, and we won these camis! Well, really Misty won them and said she would share with me. Little did she know I would end up accidentally taking them home in my purse, and then feel awful that I had them. I WILL get one to you Mist! I promise!

Left: Cjane and Mayor John Curtis. Right: A BYU student who was confused and thought he was a professional photog. He made us laugh.

The Abbey Road Show was a ton of local musicians who came together to cover the Beatles Album "The Abbey Road". It was so awesome! Kind of cool to see all these people come together to do this. Seeing things like this make me with I was musically talented. For now though I don't mind getting to be in the audience to enjoy others talents. For each song there was a new person to sing the lead, and by the end there were a ton of people on stage just having a good time! It was fun to watch and listen.

And I stole these from C.Jane's blog:
During the encore fireworks lit up the sky out of nowhere. Made me so happy!
Misty and I are famous! (Left center)
And here is a video (also from C.Jane's blog) mostly for my mom who is a true Beatles fan. I always think of her and my Aunt Linda when I hear Beatles music. (We are in the bottom right corner of the first frame!)


Marsha said...

Thanks Tare - loved this! Loved the video (na na na na na na na na na na, Hey Jude!) I so want to be there and sing along! What a fun night you all had! So cool to have all that great live music and fireworks too! What a great crowd! I think the pic with you and Misty in it should be on an album cover or poster or something :)

AmyJ said...

That looks so fun! Love the burgers! ...and that you're famous and a cami thief.

Eric said...

I love me some live music. I really wish we had more concerts here. Mayor Curtis looks a startling amount like Warren Jeff's. He's still in prison right, not hiding out in plain sight?

Scottie and Angie said...

Wow looks like a lot of fun!!! So when is the move??? I think about you often and am praying everything works out for you!
Love you lots,