Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oh my goodness!

Olivia is talking non-stop these days. Granted, most of the time we can only pick up a few words in a five minute long ramble. Lately she has been saying "oh my goodness" a whole lot. Makes sense since I say it to her all the time.

Like a few days ago, when we got out of the car and she saw the park she yelled "Oh-ma guh-ness!"

Brady has always pointed out the apple icon to her (on his simply mac shirt, on the computer, ipad, iphone, ect). Today when she walked by our room (where we have our computer) she freaked out and happily shouted "OH!!!! An apple! Oh my goodness!!!"

She's been saying this for a long time but I still love it, "Hold you Mama" when she wants me to hold her. Today she said to Brady, "Hold you my Da-da".

She has no trouble saying "thank you mama/dada" ALL the time for every little thing we do (such a sweet thing) but she still occasionally needs to be reminded to say please.

She pouts for almost everything, even when I am getting it for her. Its kind of frustrating because then I have to tell her that I can't give it to her until she's a happy girl, but we go through it every time. ugh. I don't get it?

When its time to leave an area, if she won't come with us we usually use the good old "okay say bye bye mommy and daddy" which will get her to run over to us. Not anymore though. Now she just continues walking away from me, and when I walk over to her she points across the yard/room/store and says "bye bye mommy" like she would rather me just leave her to explore the world on her own.

Even now, as I'm reading this aloud to Brady, she's repeating each of these phrases as I say them. Silly/funny/crazy/perfect little girl!

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