Monday, August 1, 2011

Texas friends

Our friends J, L, and little S will be moving to TX in Dec. so we thought we needed to get together once before we leave and don't see them for several months. 

We went to Happy Sumo and ate a ton of sushi, lettuce wraps, edamame, and pot stickers. Then we played outside. 

They really love each other :) 
And they have the same birthday! They are exactly one year apart and weighed the same when they were born. Basically they're the same baby. Both cute and little.

Not a great picture of Olivia, but I like the hunk next to her.

Look at that cute baby!

There is a mini splash pad at Riverwoods, and Olivia was on her 100th tantrum of the night so we thought we'd just let her run around in the water. She and Sophie loved it! Why didn't I take her clothes off and let her run in her diaper? Not my smartest moment. 

Olivia screamed and cried when we made her dry off and leave the water. We changed her diaper and we all went and played at Blickenstaff's. Then Olivia screamed and cried when we had to leave there too. 
Nice to meet you Terrible Two's.

Can't wait to see you guys (i guess we actually need to start saying ya'll) again in TX!


Anonymous said...

Love this post and the darling pictures. Looks like your summer is going well.
We will see you 3 very soon for Brady's graduation. Wahooooo.

Love, the Oregon Gang :)

Marsha said...

Looks like such fun for little girls! Liv will love Rockwall at this age and the frogs at the Arboretum! Can't wait! Tell us about Brady's graduation!! YAY - take lots of pics, wish it was going to be while we are there!

Leandra said...

Well, I've never been more convinced than I am right now that I need a new camera. Your pictures look soooooo good! that was so fun. And can't wait to do it again in tx!

Mrs. Ham said...

you know our thoughts on ya'll... haha kidding! oh you're gonna have so much fun! xo

caroline said...

We can't wait till YA'LL get here;) Liv and Lils will have so much fun together!