Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I just found these pictures from our photobooth and had to post them.
I totally remember that day!
We came home from church and just wanted to relax/nap.
We went all went and hung out on our big (un-made) bed and took a bunch of silly pics.
I guess photobooth has a face recognition thing where (if you choose) it automatically puts hearts or birds on your head
Liv was watching and totally freaked out when she saw the hearts dancing on her hair :)
Then, since she put her hands up there, they went away

Don't you love it when you find old pictures that bring you right back to that happy memory?!


Anonymous said...

what a craaaazzzzyyyy family :) That looks so fun! :)

Laura Beth said...

I like the pen marks all over her leg the best haha at least thats what it looks like they are