Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tomboy turned girly-girl

This girl is becoming more and more of a girly girl. She no longer likes bugs, but loves to put on make-up. 
Anytime she sees me putting on my make up she says "Livy need make-up too". 
I don't let her wear it too often, but I catch her getting into my make up bag more and more.

There was silence for too long, and when I found her in the bathroom she looked like this:

You might not be able to tell too much because she used all bronze colors and it blends with her skin tone, 
but she had bronze eyeshadow on her lips, eyes, and cheeks.

Another thing about her right now is that she's literally the hardest thing to take a picture of. 
She WILL NOT look at the camera. So that was the best I could do.

She was pouting while I was trying to get her to look at the camera, but all the sudden she realized there was 
a box of brand new nail polish right beside her and her spirits instantly changed.

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BradyH said...

thats my cutie pie!! :)