Saturday, March 3, 2012

Liv to the rescue!

In February my Dad acquired a kids' Fire Rescue Jeep! 
Liv has really figured out how to put the pedal to the metal (or plastic in this case)!
She wants to go for a drive everyday. "Drive Livy's car" is usually what she says. She has been fine to be a passenger in the car when cousins come over, 
but I think she's growing more and more possessive of it. She might be really sad one day when she has to share and realize that its actually not her car but Grammy and Grampy's.

She recently went on her first date.
Which was really just a play date with one of our cute friends from church :)
Pics from iphone

Years from now I can already hear her saying "Mom, why didn't you fix my hair?". I just think its cute when it does its own thing. And maybe I'm also a little lazy :)

This has provided hours of fun! Thanks Grams and Gramps for getting it for the grandkids!

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Carrie said...

she's a cutie. that's fun that she got to go on a little 'date'. and i see that you and brady have gone on a couple fun dates too! that's great that you've been able to have a little time together before baby comes! you're looking so cute and happy.

we just bought tickets to texas for april 18th! we CANNOT WAIT to see everyone. we're so so so excited. it will be fun to reunite our little ones. hopefully livy still remembers her utah cousins?