Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

We had a lot of fun this Easter even though we didn't do it up quite as big as last year. I had the thought to try and do resurrection eggs and teach Liv a little about the real meaning of Easter, but between working, trying to get Liv's new room and baby Scarlett's room ready, spending more one on one play time with Liv (which means only 2 hours of tv/computer time for her, leaving me barely enough time to clean, eat, or cook), and 3rd trimester fatigue beginning to set in I decided this wasn't the year. She can't even sit through FHE on Monday nights so I don't know how much she would have gleaned. Still it would have been nice to start...but again, it just wasn't in the stars this year.

Sometimes when reading other people's blogs I start to feel like I should have been able to do it all regardless of fatigue and all the other things going on in my life, but thanks to this article I read from my MIL I felt like my efforts to spend more quality time with Liv and less time letting her just watch tv by herself so I could get stuff done was the better choice. And lately when I tickle her and see her adorable face and hear that laughter I already miss it. Does that make sense? I already know that I'm going to truly miss those moments when she's too old to want me to tickle her til she's blue in the face, and the best part is I'm the only one that can make her laugh like that. She makes me SO happy.

So instead, we colored eggs Saturday evening, got an Easter basket full of little trinkets, had a little egg hunt Sunday after church, and then cousins came over for Easter dinner! We have church at 9am so we didn't even give her the Easter basket until after church which was the right choice because we barely made to church on time. She was a little tired after church though.

After 2 or 3 eggs she totally got the hang of the egg hunt and loved running from egg to egg. We are spoiled rotten and my Mom put together the whole egg hunt. I didn't have to fill the eggs with candy or hide them because she did it all for me! She also hid the real eggs that we had colored the night before, and Liv chucked them into the Easter basket, no matter how many times we asked her to be soft, cracking every single one, haha!

Now here are the pictures.

I was showing her how to give a thumbs up and smile big to the camera...

Just to confirm what you might be thinking, Liv ate one of the dye tablets thinking it was candy. I felt like a terrible mother since I was standing right next to her and handed her the package of tablets. I thought she just wanted to hold them and gave it to her while answering 2 separate questions from my Dad and Brady at the same time. I didn't even notice she had eaten the tablet until I heard "bleh" and saw her spit out a wad of blue/green dye. Luckily those tablets are not poisonous and I'm pretty sure she didn't swallow much or any of it since her poop never changed colors (sorry-TMI).

Also I'm really struggling with wearing make-up daily and my eyelashes are non-existant without the help of mascara, because I know you were wondering about that.

We were using the glitter egg kit and Liv decided she wanted me to dump some glitter on her hands too.

Beautiful job for her very first time dyeing eggs :)

Sunday after church...

I didn't get a picture of her basket, but it just had a few trinkets: princess coloring/sticker pack, silly bands bracelets, Paul Frank notebook, chapstick (which she believes to be lipstick), a little kitty (which she believes to be a 'puppy dog'), and a small grow your own daises kit. We also got her a watering can because she always wants to water the garden and the flowers out front with the garden hose and since it has been raining a lot we haven't let her. I figured with this can we can water the grass, flowers, and garden once a day and avoid drowning everything. Sometimes we use it to water the fire ants too :)

And then the Egg Hunt!
The basket got too heavy for her liking and she asked me to hold it for her. She totally hit the jackpot and the eggs were over flowing.

Somebody is pretty happy about the candy inside the eggs

She's really been working on that thumbs up

Family Easter pics 2012 ya'll!
I was not expecting that amount of humidity to be in the air that day, 
so I wasn't having the best hair day despite the fact that my hair was totally curled that morning.
We were actually fortunate to be able to have the egg hunt outside in the few minutes it wasn't raining.

Large, at 33 weeks:


Laura Beth said...

Love all these pictures Tar! and your comments about eating the dye tablet and your eyelashes were hilarious. Mascara is my best friend because even on the worst of days, at least my eye lashes look ok. The bags under my eyes.. they are a whole other story!

Ummmm, anyway. You look fabulous and I'd like to predict that baby scarlett will have dark lovely hair like you. I think she will take more after her mama since Liv has quite a bit of Brady in her :)

Anonymous said...

Yahooo another post!!! Your Easter looked perfect and very age appropriate!!! Remember not to overdo. There are sooo many ideas out there. MAKE IT SIMPLE AND BE GENTLE ON YOURSELF. Livy is blessed to have you and Brady as her parents. We do not have to do a circus act for everything. Stay away from that pressure my darlin dear!!!
I love the eggs. They are a glittery masterpiece. What a fun hunt she had inside and out. Grammy is a real sweetheart and she and Grampy are so good to help out.
You 3 look so cute in your Easter pictures. Love the long dress. Miss you all terribly and love you mucho grande!

Love, Gma Debi xoxoxox

caroline said...

What a perfect easter! keeping it simple at this age is the way to go FOR SURE! you will have SO many years to get to do the resurrection eggs, crafts, or anything you've ever wanted to do with your kids. some years it will happen and some years it just won't (usually pregnant years- for me:) and that's great! I think you nailed it when you said YOU are the only one that can make Liv laugh like that, because that is all she really wants and needs--YOU! I love that dress on her-and I love the picture of her near the end where she is giving a thumbs up on her own, her face is priceless!! Can't wait to see you guys this weekend!!! love you!!

caroline said...

ps-I don't know how much blue dye and vinegar Lily consumed before one of my older kiddos caught her drinking it then proceeding to say "that's icky!"...even then she kept trying to drink it. those tablets and bright colors are just too tempting for a little one , I guess. oh well. they are still alive-right?

Carrie said...

it looked like a fun easter! i actually think you did a lot, so don't be hard on yourself. we didn't even have easter baskets. and we just went to the park for a picnic. no easter dinner, no family (although jeff did meet us).

i love your family picture. you guys look cute. your dress is really pretty.

colsie ate the dye tablet too, when he was little. they just pop it in there so fast, you hardly notice until you see their mouth change color!

the hansen's said...

You are beautiful at 33 weeks!! I love your dress by the way :] Liv's personality is really shining through on these pics. I love you guys so much!

Kris and Megan said...

taryn you look wonderful!! trust me, i look waaaay worse/dead without mascara, you look gorgeous and have the pregnancy glow so you can do it! :) i can't wait for your baby to get here and see what she looks like. so excited for you. and that article- i loved it too and it was such a good reminder. you're right, she is so young that all she really needs at this age is to dye eggs and just be with you!! now that landon's a little older and can understand i don't have any excuse not to do fhe or teach about easter, but i remember feeling like you when he was littler!! anyway, you are a cute and awesome mama to that sweet little livi. love the post

Erin said...

You have the cutest basketball belly Tare! It looks to me like you had a wonderful Easter, Liv is so loved and that's what matters. I was like 38 weeks for Clarkie's 3rd birthday, and you know what? We had a nice family bday at home and he loved it. Miss you tons girlie, good luck with the next seven weeks!

Scottie and Angie said...

Happy Easter!!! I love this post and you look so beautiful preggers!!! even without off your natural beauty and make the rest of us jealous! The joys of pregnancy!!!
I am happy you are doing so well and getting ready for your little one...she will be here before you know it..keep hanging in there for the next couple of week. Love and miss ya.

KC . Amanda .Tate said...

You look darling! I love that liv ate a dye tablet! and its even greater that you got a picture of her tongue-she was so happy still! BTW I was just thinking about how cute your laugh is when I was reading this. seriously you have the cutest laugh... i mean that in the most non-weird way :) ha