Sunday, May 27, 2012

Scarlett's first bath

I love my babies and I especially love the way they look with wet hair after a bath.
I just think it looks sweet.
My mom and Olivia helped me give Scarlett her first bath while B snapped some pics. This was a little over a week after she was born and I am clearly still loving never getting ready for the day since, during this time, all day every day was spent at home learning how to take of Scarly, bonding, and watching this brand new baby slowly take in the world around her. We gave her a sponge bath, careful not to get the umbilical cord wet. THere is something really special about hand cleaning each teeny tiny party of this teeny girl. Washing her hair and face with the wash cloth, and taking special care to wipe each limb and clean between fingers and toes, wiping behind her ears and cleaning them with a q-tip, all the while being so gentle with this soft, gentle girl.

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