Sunday, May 13, 2012

Scarlett, Day 1

I'm happy to finally get some pictures up, especially since my parents were in Europe when Scarlett
 arrived and haven't seen most of these photos, so prepare for lots!
The pretty bouquet and hand made cards from Brady, for us (me and his mom).
And then the last picture of me being pregnant with Scarlett 
(little did we know it was T minus 1 hour and she'd be here)!

The only 2 pictures in the hospital we had time for BEFORE Scarlett arrived.

 My little love is here with a healthy set of lungs!

Our special 1 hour alone time together for skin to skin, nursing, and bonding.
If you can't already tell from the pictures, I was SOOoooo happy!
I wasn't drowsy or anything after the delivery since I didn't have any drugs 
and I just really loved this special time with my baby.

Being wheeled to post pardum...

...but first we wanted to get a pic with Nurse Julie who delivered Scarlett

The sweetest little girl!!!

She was born on a clear sunny day

This strawberry outfit was one of our favorites on Olivia too.

We have a video of Olivia first meeting Scarlett too, maybe we'll get it on here soon, but she was soooo
 proud to be a big sister. She has stepped into the role so easily and absolutely ADORES her little sis! 
I'm so proud of her!

I loved this moment. Olivia will touch my face when she's in a really sweet mood, and here she was 
touching Scarlett so softly, almost a whisper, with one hand and me so softly with the other and talking 
in a sweet soft voice. All I could hear her say was "Mama, baby Scarlett". She did this for days after we 
got home from the hospital. It made me feel like she was thankful to me for giving her a little sister.

 Trying to get that "first family of 4 pic". They had just brought in my food and there was a plate with
 two cookies on it so Liv grabbed one and was kind enough to share the other one with me.

Here she is just loving that baby so much that she dropped a chunk of cookie into her bed. 
Just always trying to share ;)

I love this picture of Grandma Debi and Scarlett

We love this sweet girl!


Marsha said...

I love seeing all these pitures! I was so sad not to be here for her birth! Thanks again to Debi for being here and for all she did for all 4 of you!!
I love the pictures of Liv and baby Scarlett and all the precious pictures of Scarlett! She looks a lot like you in the last one!
love, mom

Kris and Megan said...

wonderful pictures! you look AMAZING after giving birth. some people say that to be nice... I don't though unless I really mean it!! Beautiful baby girls!! CONGRATS!!

Christy Gunnell said...

You are radiating in these pictures. Beautiful. And Scarlett looks precious. Congrats on your second daughter.

Carrie said...

YEA!! i was so happy to see another update. i love all of the pictures. how sweet livy is with baby sister!! she just loves her.

Cate said...

These are such sweet pictures!! I didn't even know that is was possible to look that good after giving birth!! Holy smokes!

Dev & Di said...

Adorable pics congrats girl! You have the sweetest family!

Anonymous said...

So many wonderful memories!!! I am so grateful that you guys allowed me to be a part of your lives during those precious couple of weeks :)
I love my darling little granddaughters and miss you all terribly. I wish the rest of the gang could meet and hold Scarlett...Facetime just doesn't cut it ;)
Love to Marsha and Cal for opening their beautiful home and their hearts to all of us. What wonderful people!
Love ya,
Gma Debi :)

caroline said...

I agree with what was already is it possible to look that pretty right before, during and after having a baby! Love all the pictures of Scarlett and seeing Livy with her! My favorite is the family shots with cookies in hand:) gotta love 2 year olds! I'm so glad you posted pictures especially since we haven't gotten to meet her yet:( Keep enjoying that sweet little bundle

Tyler + Zahara said...

Taryn you are absolutely gorgeous and glowing after delivery. I love the picture of the skin to skin time, you look so happy! What a fun, amazing family you have :)