Monday, September 17, 2012

Family outing

Last Saturday the weather cooled off. It was too nice to just sit around so we packed the kids up and headed to the arboretum. Scarlett was an angel and slept for the first 25 mins., then just sat contently in her seat for another 20, and then sat happy in the baby bjorn til we left.
It was a little more crowded than we're used to. I guess everyone had the same idea. We ate lunch to end the afternoon. It was good little family outing to have before B left for his interview and we had that crazy week.

Love those two little chambray girls!


Anonymous said...

My goodness...what a beautiful little family you guys have :) Scarlett is just growing like crazy. Her little expressions are adorable. Olivia is such a little princess. The parents look great too. Glad you carved out some family time!
Gma Debi

Natalie Bergin said...

Looks like so much fun! I love this little family of yours.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! Could you pop some of these current pix of the girls onto FB please? Love ya!