Sunday, September 16, 2012

This is the 3 year old pic I chose. Random pics of her are better than staged ones. It is impossible to get her to smile naturally if you stage a pic (which I tried to do on her actual 3rd bday and it was comical/frustrating that she couldn't just look and smile at the same time!!!!).

See her 2 year old pic here

And I just want to draw attention to the fact that one of her favorite things at this age is negotiating. For example. when its bed time she all the sudden is hungry and needs a bowl of pretzels. I tell her she can have ONE pretzel. She tells me "ok....two pretzels" I just look at her and shake my head, and she says "three pretzels". Silly girl.

*For the record I usually stick to my guns and only give her one of whatever it is she all the sudden HAS TO HAVE before bed, unless its been a particularly bad day in the eating department. Then I feel like she may actually be hungry and not just trying to get out of going to bed.

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Dallas - Jaycie - Ashton - Jaxon said...

Seriously how did 3 years already go by? And look how beautiful she is! I love keeping up with your blog Taryn - such a sweet family! Happy belated birthday to Olivia!