Tuesday, February 19, 2013

One random day in February

 Liv (3 1/2) got into my make-up. The best part of when she does this is that she doesn't really see anything wrong...I mean, is that how I look to her when I put make up on? She thought she looked great!

After doing my best to wipe the lipstick off her mouth and surrounding areas, she dressed up like a fairy butterfly and was using her wand to turn me into a purple butterfly. We spent the afternoon flying around the house saying bippity boppity boo.

 When she was done with that, she wanted to go outside. She HATES to get dressed in the morning so she usually spends the day in her jammies. I told her she couldn't go outside without pants on, so she put these striped capris on with socks and tennis shoes. Oh and kept the butterfly wings on too :) 

This girl is one of a kind!

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Jeremy and Natalie said...

She has the funniest personality! I love it!