Sunday, February 3, 2013


At the end of January Brady took a quick trip to Oregon to visit his family! He had SO much fun! He finally got to see his little sis cheer in person, and then they spent the weekend at a cabin playing on a frozen lake. It is so beautiful there! I know he loved getting the chance to see everybody before he starts his medical school journey.

Pops, B, and Ry

The original Hansens (just missing Danee)

That's the door to the cabin...lots of snow

Mt Bachelor

phone pics:


Debi said... all of these! Missed you guys though. Thanks for sharing that kid. Love to all of you!
Gma Debi

Tyler + Zahara said...

I love Oregon! Looks like so much fun :) And your Florida trip looks so warm! I can't wait for some warmth :)