Saturday, February 2, 2013

Savannah's baptism

We took a trip to Austin to be there for our sweet niece Savannah's baptism. She was originally going to be baptized the weekend after New Year's, but everyone got sick (I'm pretty sure we got everyone sick) so it was postponed. As fate would have it, Scarlett had another double ear infection at this time. We already had antibiotics at this point, but she wasn't her usual smiley self. Still pretty happy and sweet though :)

I always want to get pictures of the girls together. They are SO sweet together. Liv always wants to hug and kiss 'Scooter' and Scoot LOVES her big sis. She smiles and giggles at her all the time.
Except every time I try to take pics of them together.
It never works. Proof:

Scarlett was sick and Liv won't hold still for 2 seconds. 
They both looked so cute in their dresses though!

Savannah was so cute in her white dress. It was fun to see her so excited and happy! 
Our girls were not on their best behavior while we were at the church. Mostly our fault for leaving Dallas WAY too late and making them sleep in the car. When we got to the house, we put Liv down in her sleeping bag (her request) in the girls room. Liv woke up, like, an hour after I fell asleep, came into the room we were sleeping in, and climbed in bed with us. She had a cough and a runny nose and didn't sleep hardly at all. She was tossing and turning, rolling into me, digging her head in my neck, and asking me to tickle her arm any time she woke up. I think I got 2 hours of sleep. Literally.

With that said, it wasn't too surprising that Brady basically had to stay out in the foyer the whole time with Liv, and I stayed out with Scarlett. When it was actually time for the baptism, he and Liv did get to see it and she behaved for that moment. I also got to see it, but Scarlett didn't because she had finally fallen asleep (in my arms!). Phew!

After the baptism, we had lunch, cupcakes, and played dance central!
Caroline made the cutest (and yummiest) cupcake 'cake' shaped like a white gown! I need to get a pic of it. Scarlett went right down for a long winters nap, while Liv played all kinds of games on the Kinect. Josh helped her get things started and she LOVES him now. She would ask me to go away so she could dance with 'Toss' (ie Josh).

Josh helping Bella
Josh doing some punching game

Liv's favorite is a jumping rope game
Liv and Bella waiting to get started on something awesome

Zach played mind craft

Adults chatted and ate

'Sabana' and I made faces :)

And we played with Zach's bearded dragon, Beardo.


Kendra said...

I love that jumping picture of Liv. Perfect.

Debi said...

What an awesome day except for the grumpy kids part! I love your whole family. Happy baptism day to that little sweetheart.
I can't believe you caught Liv in the air!