Saturday, March 30, 2013

Klyde Warren Park {Easter Saturday}

Picture overload warning.
After the Helicopter Egg Drop, we headed to Klyde Warren Park in Dallas to meet up with some friends.

There were plenty of things for the kiddies to do- balloon animals, playground, splash pads, Easter Bunny, real bunny petting zoo, music, and food trucks! It was pretty crowded, but over by the music it thinned out and was actually pretty relaxing. Our little family stayed for hours! 

It took Olivia a minute (once again) to warm up to Sophie, but then they were two little stinkers having the time of their lives running away from their parents :)

Which person is 8 months pregnant and still skinnier than me? Not cool Leandra, not cool.
Actually it is awesome and I'm totally jealous.

Despite what it looks like, she is not flashing everyone. She was holding her shirt up so it wouldn't get wet.

Holding a real bunny!

Olivia's old buddy, the Easter Bunny


She has the best Daddy

She is having the time of her life!

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Laura Beth said...

Where is your shirt from ? I want one! Send a girl a message please haha unless it's super old. Then I will be sad.

Looks like a fun, fun day!!