Saturday, March 16, 2013

St Patty's Day 2013

We went to the Annual St Patty's Day Party at the Grady's home and ate some delicious corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes  and all the fix ins. This is not your grandma's corned beef (as the invite says). It is seriously yummy! We brought some pistachio cupcakes with whipped green frosting. It was fun to chat and hang out with friends for a bit. This was our 2nd year going, and our first time having a real life paid babysitter come and watch our kids! That's right, we've made it this long without ever paying a sitter because we have been blessed to always live near awesome family who would watch our kids for us. Anyway, we did leave the party early because I wanted to be able to tuck the kids in myself. I'm a wimp.

Olivia and I took some selfies in the mirror on our way to bed.

On Sunday we all wore green. Turns out we (all the girls) own solid green dresses, so we looked like a family of frogs, but that's okay. Sometimes I like to cheesy like that. We came home and took a couple pics (Sundays are sometimes the only day that we are all fully dressed at the same time) and somehow we lost them. They are no where to be found, except I had taken a picture of the camera with my phone... so that is all we half left to document how overly festive we were even though none of us are Irish, or drink beer.

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Laura Beth said...

It makes me happy how many photos you guys take but also that you get family photos. I love seeing little families GROW. I'm sure you wish your littles would stop growing haha