Friday, May 3, 2013

Our little convos {Liv}

I was putting her to bed, which doesn't always go so well, so I usually tell her about something fun we will be doing the next day so she can go to bed excited and happy for a new day. I told her that we would be going to an Easter Egg Hunt. She got big excited eyes and said 
"and Santa will be there! And make everyone SO happy!"

I admit to falling in the grasp of road rage from time to time. When kids are in the car I usually just say "Are you kidding me?!" rather than some other choice words. Well now Liv is old enough to notice my tone of voice. It was concerning to her so she asked, 
"Something's kidding you Mama? What's kidding you?"
My response, "These people don't know how to drive and they're all playing jokes on me"

She does have a short fuse and gets frustrated somewhat easily (see above if you're confused about where that comes from). One of her shoes came off her heel while she was in her carseat. She was having some trouble getting it back on and started yelling at her shoe, 
"grrrr, you HUNK-A-JUNK!"

We have started having movie night every Friday night. Liv loves it because that is the only time she is allowed to drink "bubble drink" (soda). We usually have some popcorn and candy too. Well one time we did not have candy, but I figured the bubble drink was enough of a treat. The next day I listened in on a conversation Liv was having with herself, 
"What happened? We had movie night without some candy?!! (both hands go on cheeks) Ahhhhhhhh!"

We told Olivia that we are going to move to Indiana in a few months.
L: "Oh, that's amazing Mama. I sink(think) they have something there. Some toys."

She's started saying "cute" and "a little bit" all the time. She adds those into almost every sentence.
L: "But these puzzles are weally(really) cute. These ones are a little bit fun."

Brady had been eating frito's and burped.
L: Eww!
B: What's eww?
L: You eww, Daddy.
B: Haha, what? You can smell that burp?!
L: No, you tooted!
B: No, that was just a burp.
L: burp like a toot.

M: Guess what we have in the fridge!!! Can you guess? S-s-s-st-st-st... (I was trying to get her to guess strawberries)
L: (whispers) w-w-w-waffles

I was explaining that she needs some food that will help her grow up big and strong
M: Your body is saying "please give me something yummy and healthy to eat that will let me grow bigger and stronger"
L: No, my body doesn't have eyes and a mouth.
I pointed to her eyes and mouth, "there they are right there"
L: No Mama, thats a face not my body. My body doesn't have eyes and a mouth.


Anonymous said...

Crazzzzy about my Olivia. Continue to post every little picture and funny conversation you have with her. I remember her dad doing that same face in the very last picture!
Love you Olivia and miss you and your family EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

Danee said...

I love this post :) I can just hear her little voice saying those hilarious comments. She is so creative! Love you guys.