Sunday, August 25, 2013

Scarlett at 15 (and a half) months

-Captain destructo! LOVES to make messes. Throws food off her tray. Asks for her water cup so that she can throw it off. Will literally spit out whatever food is in her mouth when she decides she wants a drink of water instead. Unrolls all the toilet paper. Throws toys and other things (like my phone) into the toilet. Loves to turn the tub on and throw toys, blankets, and anything in her reach under the water. We try to keep all the bathroom doors closed at all times so she can't get in.

Shortly after this was taken she started crying because
she can't reach those last two letters to throw on the ground.

-Loves to tease her big sis and it makes me giggle. Poor Livy, I don't giggle when Liv teases Scarlett. Scar grabs Livy's beloved "night night" blankie and runs with it while turning back to see if Liv is chasing her. She has a giant smile on her face the whole time Liv is yelling for her to "give me my night night!"

-Such a good Mama. She LOVE love loves baby dolls! Liv was never too into dolls (more into stuffed animals, specifically puppies) so its fun for me to see. She grabs them two at a time and hugs them then looks at me smiling, waiting for me to go "awwww". She likes to feed those babies and put them down for naps too. She tries to fit into the doll bed sometimes, just to check and see if its comfy enough for her babes.

-Has all 4 molars coming in (well they're pretty much already in). Had a bit of a rough time and has taken a liking to biting me :) I know its because she's hurting and needs to bite something to take the pressure off the new teeth and is completely innocent so it doesn't bother me too much.

-She is a big flirt! She runs all over the place and smiles at everyone. People love her to pieces.

-When she's tired she'll just lay right down in the middle of the floor and hang out for a minute. Then she's up and at 'em again.

-Determined to feed herself. She'll turn her nose up at me when I try to feed her, but when I give her the spoon she'll dig in. Usually it results in her trying to use the spoon, failing, and then using her other hand to feed herself. She keeps that spoon in the other hand the whole time though.

-Still loves to put everything in her mouth:

a battery in the mouth
hospital bed buttons as close to in the mouth as possible

paper menu in the mouth
 -She only has eyes for her Grampy. Ask anyone who has seen them together and they'll tell you. She chooses Grampy over Mom and Dad 95% of the time.

-Has THE cutest chubby thighs ever. I can't pick her up without squeezing them a few times. And her cheeks are also sweet little round balls of joy that I kiss about a million times a day.
not those cheeks. though these are pretty dang adorable too.

-Her big sister adores her! You can hear Liv frequently saying "Oh Scah-lett! You sweet chunky baby" "Scah-lett, you-ah the cutest thing" "Scootie you-ah my best sistah"

-Lets be honest, she is adored by everyone.

and how could she not be?


whitney said...

add me to her fan club!!! she is such a cutie! love and miss your sweet family!

Kendra said...

Ok. So stinkin cute! I love everything about her. It just makes me smile. And Elsie has some similarities. :) I'm so behind on blogging and reading blogs. I forgot how much I love reading yours! Your girls are darling!

taryn said...

Thanks Whitney! We miss you guys too! I can't believe we've never even met your two seriously adorable boys!!

taryn said...

Thanks! I'm SO behind on blogging and reading but hoping to ease back into both. For now just trying to get into posting a bit and then I'll be reading again I'm sure!