Monday, September 2, 2013


I am missing family and feeling a little lonely today. Not too much, but just a little.
We are having a good day today- cleaned, went to the playground down the street, felt a nice cool breeze, and watched the geese fly by while they honked a hello to us. I am happy here.
I keep seeing fun family photos of friends who are out celebrating this holiday with their husbands and children and it reminds me that normal husbands are home with their families celebrating the holiday. But my husband isn't normal. He is superman. He is learning to heal people with his hands and so for right now, that means I don't get him here on holidays. And I might never get him on holidays ever again. It's something I'm learning to deal with, and its pushing me out of my little box. This is actually the first holiday that we haven't been home together, relaxing, and celebrating, and I am actually really lucky! If I just had some family nearby it would make being alone on holidays a little easier. We do have a good support group and friends here but I opted out of inviting myself to someone's family barbecue. On the other hand, I am LOVING all this time I get with my babies. Special special times that I want to wrap up in a box and never let go.
I still don't have a phone and its making me laugh that I find myself wanting to call and chat to so many people right now! I never call and chat with people (if you're my friend you know this) so its funny to me that this feeling would occur when I don't have a phone to use. I have been having conversations with different people in my mind, like thinking what I would say and what I would ask them. I promise I'm not going crazy! And also I could just email, but I think I will get a new phone soon and save up these convos because sometimes actually hearing someone else's voice is nice.

Happy Labor Day! 
If you get to be with family, enjoy it!!!

Aaaand it 10pm and my husbands still not home. Why are there no tv shows on right now?! (meaning none of the fall shows have started yet so I can't watch any new stuff on hulu. Accepting Netflix recomendations!)


Marsha said...

Awww my sweet girl! I know what you mean, daddy and I say every day how much we miss you guys! I am impressed that you are doing so well - good job! It is a special time for you and the girls and I'm happy for you all that you are makig the most of it! Im afraid you didnt miss much by not being here with us! We are packing and cleaning and going crazy every day! No BBQ or anything, mostly we forget to eat and then throw in a lean cuisine at 2 or 3 and again at 7 or 8! Ill be so glad when we are done! We love you all so much and miss you greatly! We love the instagram pictures and movies and blogs - thank you so much for doing them!! We would just die if we couldn't "see" you a little each day!
Love you tons, mom

Janine said...

i started felicity tonight. you should too. and taryn, i totally understand.

taryn said...

I so wish we lived near eachother.

Laura Beth said...

We love Masterchef and Americas got Talent!