Tuesday, November 12, 2013

First snow in our first house

Liv came into my room, pushed and pulled me to wake up and said "Mom, its winter outside!!!" and put her hands over her mouth in excitement. We've been talking a lot about seasons; she knew it was Fall and has recently been asking when it will snow. This Texas girl always replied, "In the Winter", because I had no idea when it would begin snowing here. So when she said that of course the thought came to mind that it must have snowed, but then I just didn't believe it. She was so excited and as we walked into the loft she jumped and pointed at the window and said "WINTER!!". I have to admit, I was just as excited and shocked. We don't have a TV and I think I was missing having a warning of snow from the weather man.

Of course we went out to 'play' in it. Its pretty frigid out there, so we didn't last long, but just enough to touch, taste, and stomp in it. Then Liv was asking to go in and Scarlett was also more than ready. So in we went for hot chocolate!

So excited about this upcoming winter. I'm sure I'll be changing my tune soon enough, but right now its perfect because it looks pretty, we can play in it for a second, and its already started melting away completely!

We love having this big side yard and little hill. When the snow is thicker it will be perfect for little girls to sled down!

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