Monday, April 7, 2014

Scarlett and ABCs

This sweet girl learned to recognize her ABCs soon after Christmas. We got her some flashcards as a present, and she LOVED them. I'm completely serious, she would (and still does) bring them to me to go over. I would just show them to her and tell her the letters and after a few days of her just watching me, she knew 3 letters on her own. The next day she knew half, and the next she basically knew all of them, just got a little confused with N and M and had a tough time saying W. Now she's a pro! We've been meaning to get a video of her before her voice changes because the way she says the letters is just so cute.

She can go super fast, but this particular time she was being so funny and wanted to talk to each animal! I got her to start going faster at the end. She loves looking at the pictures and she knows when the card is upside down or sideways (at one point she is saying "no, no, no" because the card was upside down). She knows how to sing the ABCs (not totally recognizable) and she can count to random numbers like 12 and 14. That was such a surprise to us when we heard her counting randomly because we have never worked on numbers with her. She must just hear it with learning shows and Olivia. She wasn't in the mood to count but we did get her singing and jumping in the second video :)


Stephany said...

Adorable!! Love everything about these videos. You guys are too cute and are doing an excellent job as parents.

taryn said...

Thank you Stephany :) you are so sweet and so is your cute family! Wish we lived near you guys so our kids could play and we could hang out!