Friday, May 2, 2014

Down by the station {Liv's dance recital}

Tonight was Olivia's first ever dance recital! She did an excellent job and we are so proud of her! We missed several classes due to scheduling conflicts (and sometimes because dear old Mom just plain forgot or slept in) and she still was so adorable. I tried practicing with her at home and we did once. When I asked her to do it again with me she told me, "Mom, I just look at what the other girl is doing and then I know what to do! I don't need to practice" :)

She has been so excited for this, but she was a teeny bit nervous when I dropped her off backstage. After I helped her get her tap shoes on I gave her a hug and kiss and told her I would be watching and couldn't wait. Her face got a little scared look and she said, "can you just go with me {on stage}?" I explained that me and Daddy and Scarlett and Clifford would all be watching on the front row and cheering for her, and that she got to stay with her friends and teacher, and she was okay! When I found Brady I sent him back stage to tell her good luck (he left from his school and went to the high school early so he could just study and save us seats). He said he could tell she was nervous too. She gave him a big long hug and then was pretty quiet while he was talking to her (which is very out of character for her).

In the video, you can definitely see her looking at her little friend! I love Livy's hand on her hip when she was pulling the whistle, her "trick step" when they go down and jump back, and her hands in the air. I also noticed that she was actually singing some of the words! I love that girl and had so much fun watching her. We are so thankful that she did this even though she was a little nervous. I teared up as the recital was beginning, simply because I couldn't believe I was there with my loving husband and adorable daughter to watch my other adorable daughter dance. One of those moments you can't explain, but it just hits you. It sure hit me. I am so thankful for my life and the people I share it with!

{When it pauses for a second in the video it's because Brady took a pic. You can video and take a pic at the same time, it just makes the video stutter. It only happens 2x, but just FYI}

Can you tell I adore this girl?

And DQ for a vanilla cone after a job well done!

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Debi said...

That was FANTASTIC!!! I love this little girl and her biggest fans so much!!! She did great. Sweet picture of you watching her and of Scarlett too :)