Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The D-town King

Brady sent me this vid to remind of home.... it put a smile on my face! Hope it does the same for you :)

And I thought I'd throw this one in for all you Mavs fans!!


Anonymous said...

What a song! I couldn't understand everything, but I liked it when he said Dallas! Also the Mavs! They need all the positive vibes they can get right now! I'm afraid if they don't win their two home games, it's over for them! But we do love Dallas and the Mavs!! Nothing like a little BG!
Thanks Brady!

Willits said...

Little BG is so funny! I'll have to show Brad when he gets home. He'll love it. Just a little peice of life in Dallas, huh?


I'm so excited you have a blog! They're fun ... and addicting I'm sure you're realizing. Your blog is way cute. That's sweet you finished all the Harry Potter books. Have you read the Twilight books? I told myself I wouldn't because everyone kept telling me to, but eventually I gave in and I am hooked 100%. Hope all is well with you!

Anonymous said...

Hey. I don't have a blog, but everyone else is commenting so I want to too. I love BG's Mavs song! Eric and I were bummed that everything is said about the Mavs was untrue (lately at least), but I still love to sing it!